Eighteen(ish) birds…

12.1.10 18 of 30
Dress: Vintage, c/o Archives
Vest: Target
Coat: Tucker for Target
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Belt: Modcloth
Necklace, shoes: Forever 21

Hello December. Nice of you to bring the snow. It was, once again, freezing when taking these photos. I wasn’t prepared for snow, but I supposes that’s what happens when you get your weather predictions from Facebook, and some of your friends live in Hawaii (Angie, I’m so jealous!).

Anyway, although I didn’t know it was going to be so frigid and snowy, I feel like my outfit knew it would be. This dress is just so bright, and the tights are an awesome mod print, they brighten up any bad weather that might blow our way.

While taking photos, I realized a tree very close to me was full of birds. I felt like I was in a Hitchcock film, just waiting for the birds to attack.

My camera captured my face when I noticed the tree:
12.1.2010 Birds

And, this is the tree…

Scary, right?

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10 thoughts on “Eighteen(ish) birds…

  1. that’s terrifying. I do love, however, when the camera captures these kinds of moments. Like Ashley’s photo from yesterday when she noticed her dog Lulu had returned and the camera captured it. Always makes for funny/hilarious pictures!

  2. Woah… it looks really cold there… I can tell by the pictures you posted. Even at picture one, your hands look as if they’re trembling. T.T

    Your tights got my attention. ^^ It looks pretty! I like the last picture before the scary birds… It looks as if they’re going to chase humans. T.T

  3. creeeeepy. There’s a shopping center in my town that always has tons of crows in the trees in the parking lot (for the record, this sentence majorly sucks). You always know when you go to stores there that your car will have bird bombs when you get back.

    And…I really love this dress. The color is just so bright, and the classic cut makes it really wearable! I like how you accessorized with the necklace and belt.

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