If you followed the breadcrumb trail yesterday, you saw this outfit on Kendi Everyday. But, just to keep up appearances (and force you all to look at the awesome tights), here it is again.

I attempted to “Kendi” it up, and use her signature arrows and labels. Man, let me tell you. It was hard to do! And I use photoshop on a daily basis! I guess I’m not as good freehanding it as I thought! (I also wanted to warn everyone that the redhead was not Kendi. I was afraid some of her readers might’ve thought she dyed her pretty brown hair! So I made sure to add that one special label, LOL!)

Joe and I are FINALLY going to see Harry Potter tonight, which makes me really happy. I’ve been avoiding the internet for a while to steer clear of any spoilers. It’s been hard! (Although I did hear about a semi-nude scene? I don’t think that was in the book…)

And welcome to all the new friends I’ve made through Kendi. Welcome to my colorful slice of the Midwest. I’m just trying to keep it real here, people. Just keeping it brightly colored and real.



8 thoughts on “Substituting

    • LOL! Um, sure! I’ve never been adopted before 🙂
      I have a crazy collection of tights. I’m serious- so many patterns and colors- I hope I can wear them all this year!

  1. When I saw, on twitter, that you’d be swapping I had it in my head that you were going to dress like her and vice versa. I was trying to imagine Kendi in a pair of your tights. I’m not sure she can do them justice. Only you can pull off those tights. Love the outfit, Suze.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Hi there, I found your blog from the Kendi swap post and I’m so glad I did. I am not a blogger myself, but I love reading fashion and beauty blogs. I am usually a lurker, but I wanted to leave you a note since I was really excited to see that you are blogging from MI! I will be relocating with my hubby to MI in January (coming from CO) and I have not even been there to visit yet. So I will be looking forward to glimpes of my new state. 🙂 I also checked out the linked MI bloggers and found a few more to follow.

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