Thirteen going on… Thanksgiving?!

11.24.10 13 of 30

Coat: Tucker for Target
Scarves: Old Navy and borrowed from Louise
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Spring
Shirt, cardigan, earrings, belt: Forever 21

I was absolutely freezing this morning, so this outfit is much more about warmth than anything else. I attempted a weird faux-hawk/pony tail thing with my hair. It doesn’t look as awesome as what I had envisioned in my mind…


I was tagged by Betsy, so I get to tell everyone seven things about me. Let’s see…



1. I love the TV show Psych (on USA). James Roday is hilarious (and really hot…)
2. I have two bobbleheads on my dashboard. A frankenstein Darth Vader and a zombie Stormtrooper.
3. I don’t watch much live TV anymore. I tend to DVR everything and watch it about 30 minutes to an hour after it’s aired so I can skip all the commercials.
4. I get really, really annoyed by people who feel like they’re entitled to everything. You need to work for everything you have and appreciate it. At least that’s what my dad taught me.
5. I don’t really enjoy cooking, but if I didn’t make dinner, we’d never eat because Joe can’t cook worth a damn.
6. I’m not a huge fan of raisins (never have been), but I just ate an entire box of golden raisins (just ate as in literally just ate in the last thirty minutes).
7. I start every day with a cup of coffee and a conversation to convince Ruckus to not take over the world (she’s held back so far).
8. Oh wait, I’m done. Woo hoo! I was running out of stuff…

I’m not good at passing this stuff along, so if anyone wants to do it, feel free!!



13 thoughts on “Thirteen going on… Thanksgiving?!

    • There was one coat, and I snagged it on sale 🙂 I own way too much tucker for target stuff (everything was on clearance at my target for $10-5! I bought too much…)

  1. Woah, it must really be that cold over there… you have a coat over a cardigan. T.T I hope the weather won’t harm you or make you sick. :/

    I like the bobble heads on you dashboard. 🙂 You’re a real Star wars fan. ^^ I can relate with the stuffs you said especially about the raisins. I don’t them but sometimes, I eat it. T.T

    LOL on Ruckus’ plan about world denomination and Good luck !^^

    • LOL!! That’s why I usually wear my hair up! I have a widow’s peak and the sides of my hair go back a little. So I look like I have a GIANT forehead! 🙂

  2. I was so pleasantly surprised by the Tucker for Target line, I missed the coat though! I love the bright colors in this, the top is fantastic!

  3. Your hair looks awesome… Maybe not faux-hawky, but still cool!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a thing for James Roday. Me and the boyfriend love “Psych”!

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