I always catch the clock its 11:11 now you wanna talk

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Top, necklace, coat: Forever 21
Jeans: Abercrombie (I’ve had them since high school.)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Pin (on coat): Vintage

Saturday I met up with Andrea and Katelyn for dinner and hanging out. This is beginning to become a weekly/bi-weekly thing, which is fine with me because these ladies are awesome! I love meeting other Michigan bloggers, because it makes me feel like I’m part of something! (So, yes. If you are in Michigan and want to meet me for coffee, photos and to hang out, I’m game. I love making new friends!)

Anyway, Andrea took my photos using my camera, since I still haven’t mastered taking them with this big ‘ol zoom lens. And thankfully my remote came today, so I can actually get my camera to focus on ME before it takes photos now! Yay!

I know, I know. This outfit is very opposite of what I usually wear, which makes it kinda fun. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something that’s more simple and not so BRIGHT. I like to mix it up.


Title song: Something Corporate – Konstantine


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    • I’ll have to ask Andrea- she took the photos, but I think we just did it on the portrait setting with my 75-300 lens…

      I have no idea what any of it means, lol. My camera’s at home, so I’ll email you the stuff when I get back there!

  1. The necklace, ruffles, and bright trench keep this from being anyhthing but simple and dull!

    Blogger meetups sound so fun, I need to find some in my area!

    • I tend to live in jeans. tees or sweats on the weekends, and they’re not usually blog-worthy (AKA- I wear them ALL weekend to work in), so this outfit was a nice change. I tend to prefer skirts to pants, because I have wide hips, so skirts minimize that area better than pants.

  2. um… you look fabulous with a black top and pearls (the way your hair contrasts the black and white!) it looks amazing!

    good luck collecting tubes! (: let me know how it goes for you!

  3. that necklace is so fun with that top! That necklace is fun no matter what, but definitely even more with that top! I keep coming across items of clothing and such that I’ve had since high school, and I get a giggle out of them. there aren’t as many still hanging around as I would have imagined mostly because the majority of the things I bought back then weren’t really quality pieces. lesson learned!

  4. HA! My first reaction was I would wear that! You’re not getting all “neutral minimalist” on my, are you? Better not because I always look forward to your superpowered color mixing posts. Ok, just checking.

  5. I love the black top with the pearls on although I’m not used seeing you wearing black. ^^ You look good on it! I love the pistachio-colored jacket too. Looks like it’s still cold over there. :/

    I also have some denims back then in HS which I still use. Glad to know I’m not alone. XD

  6. i have old abercromibe jeans from high school, too, that i pull out sometimes. it’s so funny because i don’t wear any of that stuff anymore so i look completely different when i do!

  7. OMG I used to looooove Something Corporate! And Konstantine was totally the song that only the ‘real’ fans knew, right?! LOVE.

    Also, you’re gorgeous!! That first picture of you is so stunning and classic. Great new lens too 🙂


  8. It is a bit more toned down than your usual, but I really like it on you! That jacket is so fab–I can’t believe it’s from F21! And those clogs are so cool. I wish I were in Michigan to grab some coffee with you!

  9. I love that frilly, flouncy black blouse. The big, white bib-like necklace really jumps out against the black backdrop.
    I’ve been wearing more neutral/dark/ monochrome looks the last week or so, as well. It’s a big departure for me, because I’m usually bursting with color. But, sometimes, wearing black or dark or neutral colors is like taking a little pause in the middle of a sentence filled with glorious adjectives. It’s just a little breather until the next colorful concoction comes your way!

  10. whoa damn gorgeous alright.. super awesome photos of amazing outfit and da-gorgeous girlie…. very nice!! you are too cute!! xoxox J

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