Nine’s a little Rosie (or Lucy)

nine of 30
Top: Tucker for Target
Pants: Old Navy
Booties: Nine West
Cardigan, Belt: Forever 21
Scarf: Thrifted (American Eagle)
Earrings: Aldo

I was told I looked like either Rosie or Lucy Ricardo today. I’ll take either, I’m not picky! Some of you may have seen my tweet last night about my cat Loafy and my face. Here’s an pictorial of what happened:


Yeah. That’s the thanks I get for petting her, feeding her and taking such awesome photos of her!


The parking lot near my usual photo location was flooded this morning. This is the view in the other direction:
That’s why I don’t take my photos in that direction!



28 thoughts on “Nine’s a little Rosie (or Lucy)

  1. The blue belt is such a refreshing touch here!

    Sorry about the kitty attack! I have a friend who has to lock her cats in a separate room at night because they go crazy. One gave her a real shiner once, and they will break things if left to their own devices roaming free.

  2. Your look reminds me of I Love Lucy today! The hair swept back with scarf and the red polka top.

    That top is adorable by the way.


  3. loafy looks so evil in that photo like shems plotting your demise. this outfit is very rosie the riveter and i like it.

    • I think she was pissed. I kept taking her photo 🙂 (This was in the same few minutes that gave me that great jabba da Loafy picture)

  4. Love how you paired the polka dot top and the grey sweater! I would never have thought of that! And the scarf is totally cute! My vote is for Lucy! Definitely! 🙂

  5. Damn you, Loafy! (Just kiddin’, I love cats.) I hope you heal quickly, Suze! Don’t pick at it.

    Oh, and I love your hair pulled back like that! You look gorgeous in that outfit. Long live orange polka-dots!

  6. hahahahahahaha! your cat totally looks like she’s scheming some evil plan in that photo! that scratch looks PAINFUL and deep! yikes! :/

    ps – you do have a lucy resemblance in these pics….love it! 🙂

  7. Your Loafy looks *identical* to my cat Lucy. But Lucy doesn’t have claws on her front paws so when she bats at you its like she’s only hitting you with a cotton ball. Then we pat her on the head and say “Aw, how cute” and I assume she resents us for that… maybe that’s why she chose to throw up in my dad’s shoe that one time…

    Sorry, gross.

    Anyway, speaking of Lucy, you look great here! I agree that the turquoise is fabulous with the red polka dots, and pulling it all together with the cardigan is very sophisticated-looking 🙂

  8. My kind of girl. A lot of the things on my blog are SUPER expensive, but yes-I-DO just find the inexpensive, second-hand, fabulously vintage versions of the posh items featured.

    We should team up.

  9. i love lucy! (and i’m not trying to just say the name of the show, i really do!) i also love a.) your tucker top and b.) your hair with that scarf. it looks perfect on you!

  10. Dude we are on the same wavelength today with the makeup we mentally connected in the mirror this morning! My mom calls me Lucy (NEVER hillary)

  11. Oh no your poor eyelid! Even if Loafy is having a rough day, you look super cute! I love your turban headband, definitely need to try this out for myself. 😉

    The blue belt is such a cute pop of color, too!


  12. I love how you did your makeup, so elegant!
    sorry about the kitty attack, i suppose most cats are like that – they love you one moment but as soon as they get tired of the attention you are giving them, they make sure you know it.

    And I too like the turquoise belt!

    • I use Maybelline’s stilleto liquid eyeline, and just make a really thin line and flick it at the end (so not descriptive, LOL!!)

  13. I started writing my inspiration list and now I’m including you. I agree this look definitely has a “I Love Lucy” vibe to it and it’s very old school but in a chic way. Great remix

    p.s. I still regret not buying that shirt everytime I see it!

    • LOL! Thankyou 🙂 And I am so excited I have this shirt. I have another one that’s really similar, but is sleeveless, vintage and with smaller brown dots. I wear it too much!!

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