I ain’t got nothing but love, babe, eight days a week

8 for 30
IMG_0551 IMG_0549
Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: J Crew
Shirt: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Belt: H&M
Necklace, tights: Forever 21

Yup. Ventured outside. I forced myself. I was sick of the ugly white wall behind me. There is better light outside and I don’t need to use a flash. Can you tell how cold it was? There is frost on the grass around me. FROST!

I’m currently very displeased with the USPS. I won a pair of tights from We Love Colors via twitter last week, and Heather mailed them to me right away. Apparently the USPS couldn’t be bothered to deliver them to my house, so instead they said they tried to deliver them, but no one was home, and left me a notice of what post office I could pick up the package at.
Well, I was home when they “tried” to deliver the package and Iย receivedย no notice. Instead of actually trying to deliver a teeny, tiny envelope to me (that fits in my mailbox, BTW), they decided to lie about it.
I called the office yesterday morning and told the woman on the phone how bad that makes the entire post office look. It takes two minutes to knock on my door, and no one could do that. Leave the package on my mat! They’ve done it before. That’s terrible customer service. Make me want to only use the UPS.
Ugh, anyway. They refused to deliver it on Tuesday, saying the mail carriers had already gone out, which is fine, I understand that. But guess what I find in my mailbox when I get home? The tights. FINALLY! So excited to wear them. I’ll surprise you all with what color I got. But rest assured, it’s a fun one!


I believe this is the first time I’ve ever worn this top on my blog, even though I’ve owned it for a while. Such is life when you have too much clothes!


Title song: The Beatles – Eight Days a Week


28 thoughts on “I ain’t got nothing but love, babe, eight days a week

  1. I saw your tweets yesterday about the USPS, that’s awful. So disappointing!

    You look fantastic today, so bright and cheerful! I love all the colors and those shoes are making me drool. ADORABLE!

  2. I don’t know how you do it. You manage on a daily basis to step RIGHT up to the line, but not cross it. You are always a bit “out there” in your style choices, but never so far that I don’t like it. This combo is no different. I’m not sure I could manage the tights and shoes, but I’d be wrong. Becasue they look just perfect.

    • This is the best comment ever. Hahah!! I love it ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’m not interested in being a “kooky” dresser like the Olsen twins, but I like being unpredictable. Sure, sometimes I’m just in jeans and a tee-shirt, but other times it’s fun to mix random stuff together!

  3. First I noticed on your picture was your hair… ^^ You complained how your hair look during your previous post and now, wow. It looks really shiny and pretty. ^^ Last thing I noticed was the grass… I only checked back when you mentioned that there are frost or something. T.T

    Your outfit today looks pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the tights and your skirt looks super good on you. At first I thought you only made the belt since you always do some cutesy stuffs. ^^

    I hate post office here as well. T.T Sigh. But well, I have no choice but to wait for them. That’s why I prefer Fedex or others when ordering online. :/

  4. AH I love this mixing of colors and patterns! I see more and more of Jessica Simpson’s shoes and clothes and want to buy some. Are they comfortable?

    And is your skirt brown leather? I love it too!

    • These are a little tight on my toes, but I’m also between a 10 and 11, and these are 10s (they’re pretty comfy other than that though!) And yes the skirt is leather ๐Ÿ™‚ It keeps me warm!!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is by far my most favorite outfit you have ever worn. Everything looks so bright and happy and perfect together. I just love it. And your hair! Gorgeous!

  6. Oh, I hate shipping issues. Being in Australia, and being addicted to online shopping, I have my fair share of them!

    I love your outfit, I think it looks super cute. It is SUCH different take on the leather skirt look. It looks absolutely rockin’ on you.

  7. i love your pattern mixing going on in this beautiful outfit.
    those tights are Aaaaamamzing..
    how rude of the USPS..so lazy.
    you look beautiful.

  8. Lovely tights! Your hair looks so pretty next to that shade of blue.

    I have the same problems with UPS! They leave notes saying that they tried to deliver and I wasn’t home, even though I was home the whole time! I also get “last notice” notes, when they never left me a 1st or 2nd notice. Really a pain. Glad you finally got your delivery!

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