Four and five (plus Denard Robinson!!)

Sorry, had to sneak Loafy in. She’s been a very good girl lately, and I thought she deserved a little love πŸ™‚
Top, cardigan, boots: Target
Pants: Old Navy

Comfy look for hanging out with Emily. We went to the mall and hung out for a bit, I bought Emily her Christmas gift (a really cute sweater!!). Then we headed into Ann Arbor.


Top, pants: Old Navy
Vest, boots: Target
Purse: Nine West (old)

Before I get comments about wearing this vest when I didn’t include it in my 30, I need to explain that I think of vests the same way I think of leggings. They’re an accessory. I wouldn’t wear leggings without a tunic or dress, and I wouldn’t wear a vest alone becauseΒ it’s not a shirt. So, to me, it’s an accessory, not a part of the thirty. You’re welcome to fight me on that, but I will not give in, LOL πŸ™‚

Emily and I got to meet Denard Robinson, the Michigan football team quarterback.

Yay! Alright, whatever. He was really nice.



23 thoughts on “Four and five (plus Denard Robinson!!)

  1. Those are great outfits. I especially like the one with the vest. Also, that is a fantastic cat action shot. I usually end up with a cat-colored blur when I try to take pictures of my guys playing.

  2. Wow, your hair looks so vibrant and gorgeous!
    Vest as accessory…ok, I’m on board with that. I think next time shoes should be accessories too (because they technically are—I took a class in college called Accessories. Yes I am serious.). Shoes is where I’m having the hardest time!
    I like the first (#4) look. Very simple, but with lots of personality.
    And your cat is adorable!

    • First, I’m kind of excited there is a college class called Accessories, and second, I’m even more surprised that shoes are accessories!!

      And thanks!! πŸ™‚

  3. Love both of the outfits! I have had my eye on that Target vest for a while now.

    I am so behind the 8-ball on Michigan happenings… are you mad at Denard R? Did your relationship end on a bad note? πŸ˜‰

    • I saw it on sale when I was at target this morning (Yes, I still looked at the racks…)

      And no, I still adore Denard. He’s so nice!!

  4. i really love your color blocked sweater AND your striped one!
    you’re making me wish i had non-plain cardigans too. best part though? your huge smile! happy weekend!

  5. AHHH! You met Shoelace? How awesome is that! (I shall answer my own question: Pretty darn awesome.) And, you looked very stylish while meeting him!
    I shall now end all football related commentary and stick only to style commentary. hehe.

    • Have you tried Loreal Feria #74? My hair is naturally blonde, so it was pretty light to begin with, and I dye it red at home πŸ™‚

  6. Loafy!! ^^ So cute! *big hug*

    I love both outfits! ^^ I love 4 of 30 ’cause I love that top and the stripes cardigan you wore over. I love stripes. ^^ I also like the idea of pairing this outfit with the boots. πŸ™‚

    5 of 30 looks great too. I like the vest. πŸ™‚ And yea you’re right about the vest being an accessory so I wouldn’t fight you on that. XD

    Btw, your hair color looks awesome on the 2nd & 3rd pic! ^^

  7. I love how orange your hair looks! I am hoping to do a similar color to my hair soon!
    I also agree with you about the vest…though I am petty sure I have seen people wear them as shirts..eek.

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