Tim Gunn at Sommerset

On Saturday, I met up with Katelyn and Andrea at Sommerset mall in Troy for the Tim Gunn fashion show. Andrea was booking it from Lansing, so she arrived just as the show was starting. I was lucky enough to arrive two hours early and snag some pretty good seats!
See me? I’m waving at Andrea! (Hint- fourth row, stage right)

(Reversed… hehe)

Gratiuitous Tim Gunn shot… (He was AWESOME!!)

The show focused on the Liz Claibourne brands at Sommerset: Lucky Brand, Kate Spade and Juicy Couture, how to wear the fall trends in fun ways and how to “mix it up”. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:
I love, love, LOVE this leopard dress from Kate Spade. So fricken cute!!

The purse looks like a typewriter! Only $495 (ha).

This blanket/shawl thing from Lucky is cute, but let’s be honest. It’s a blanket. I have a throw on my couch that looks like that. I might have to wear it in public now, because it’s on a runway! LOL.

Be sure to check out Andrea and Katelyn‘s blogs for more runway shots and check out the cute outfit Katelyn wore to the show!
was nice enough to take our outfit photos after the show. This is one of my last outfits before the 30 for 30, which means I HAD to wear the dress Louise let me borrow. Partly because I really wanted to and partly because I need to send it back to her πŸ™‚
5154315031_43af50a786_b 5154925590_bf5d3ac61f_b
Dress: Borrowed from Coffee and a Cardigan
Necklace/Β lace top/ shoes: Forever 21
Tights: c/o We Love Colors (mocha)
Cardigan: Old Navy
Me, Katelyn and Andrea

I had so much fun! After the show we shopped around for a bit, and I ended up buying a really cute pair of shoes that I’ve substituted into my 30 for 30, so be on the lookout for those!


Photos 1, 7-13 by Andrea. The other five are mine.


26 thoughts on “Tim Gunn at Sommerset

  1. So much fun! The outfit pictures Andrea took turned out so well!
    I am glad you got a shot of the typewriter bag. I loved that! Along with the “book” clutches…so creative.


  2. Tim Gunn is soo awesome! It must have been such a treat to see him!

    The dress is super cute and I love the color of the cardi. Blue is one of my fav colors! πŸ™‚

  3. I love how you’ve layered the dress!
    The fashion show looks really fun, especially with such great seats!
    I really like the leopard dress, and maybe you could belt the throw…?

  4. Gah so jealous you were so close to Tim, my future husband! I just love him. Give me a call next time would ya and I’ll fly down there lol

  5. Fun! I love that dress from Kate Spade… though I am pretty sure I love almost anything she produces. Also – that blue sweater looks so sharp (wow, did I just say that? I feel like my mom…) against your hair and skin tone. So pretty!

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