What I wore for Halloween

74021_454235584002_692029002_5551092_5986101_nLast night I went to the Boo Bash in Royal Oak Michigan, at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  I was planning to go in my Lady Gaga costume, but I couldn’t find the lace shirt! So I had to do a last-minute switch.

I’ve always wanted to dress as Columbia from Rocky Horror, so I decided to do it last night. With the quick addition of a gold hat, and wearing stuff I already owned, it totally rocked!


Sadly, only a handful of people knew who I was (many hadn’t seen Rocky Horror). I was tapped on the shoulder a few times and asked “are you from Rocky Horror?” But the best was then I was walking back to the car and the guy walking behind me (whom I didn’t know) starting singing The Time Warp! That pretty much made my night.


When I was deciding how to dress as Columbia, I realize she has very extreme makeup:
Rocky 500

I ended up using a glue stick to hide my eyebrows. Some people thought I had shaved them off, but no, they’re there, just glued down.


See? Proof!

My costume consists of:
DIY Miu Miu collar; Halloween store hat (I added the black ribbon); Express tube top; Material Girl sequin jacket; Volleyball shorts: We Love Colors socks; Forever 21 heels

BTW- with those shoes and the hat, I was about 6’3″! It was AMAZING! I was like an amazon woman.

What were you for Halloween?


28 thoughts on “What I wore for Halloween

  1. Gah! I love your costume! I think Columbia’s my favorite Rocky Horror character… I can’t believe people didn’t get it! Ignorance!

  2. Didn’t know who you were? Hadn’t seen Rocky Horror? I’m pretty sure both of those things are felonies. (Or should be, at any rate.) I’ve always wanted to do a Columbia (or Magenta, even) costume, but have never gotten around to it. Yours was great!

    Must say, though, I’m *also* wondering how one gets glue out of one’s eyebrows. Sounds… painful.

    • I knew eyebrow wax and spirit gum would work, but had neither, so I googled “hiding eyebrows” and came across about 1,000 videos on youtube! Some used glue, some soap bars, so I decided to do the glue. It was hilarious to put on!

  3. This is the best costume ever! I can’t believe (well, I can believe, but I’m saddened by it) that people didn’t know who you were! You make the PERFECT Columbia!

  4. You looked awesome!! I wanted to do Rocky Horror, too, but we were around a bunch of kids and yeah, they would have had no idea! Well, mine would have, but I doubt most of the others would have!

    I was a vampire hunter. Kinda. I’ll be posting pics here in a bit.

  5. You certainly have a closet full of costumes! And I love that you incorporated the dove collar.
    I didn’t end up dressing up, just stuck the dog in her costume. ha.

  6. I haven’t seen the movie, (I think I’ll try to download it… XD) but based on the pictures I saw online, you really look like the character! ^^

    I feel kinda sad for the big black ribbon head piece you did though. She didn’t make it to the party, lol. I think she has to blame the lace shirt. XD

    But you still rocked anyway so it’s okay. ^^ I hope you had fun!

    • My friends were bummed that I didn’t get to wear the hat! But no worries- I’m keeping it and I’m sure it’ll show up somewhere else!

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