10 things about me and dressing like Emma

Top: Hand-me-down
Cardigan: Gift from my mother-in-law
Skirt: Borrowed from Coffee and a Cardigan
Tights: Some British website
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift from mother-in-law
Belt: From a Modcloth dress

Hey. My name is Suze. I dressed like Emma Pillsbury without meaning to. Can you tell how crazy windy it was when I was trying to get these photos? (Thanks for taking them Craig!!) And, Louise and I have embarked on a trade of sorts. We sent each other a box of clothes, because minus the height difference, we’re actually the same size (yay!). So, next week we’ll be styling each other’s stuff (OMG- she sent over some awesome stuff. She might not get it all back…)

Annnnd, this week in FBFF, we’re taking it easy and instead of answering questions, we’re offering up 10 things about ourselves.

So, I decided I’m going to list 10 things I love:

1. My favorite movies are Rocky Horror, Empire Records and Alice in Wonderland. These movies are ones I can watch over and over without getting sick of them.

2. My favorite books are The Great Gatsby and The Picture of Dorian Grey. I can read them both over and over (and have!). I have one copy of each book I bought while abroad when I was 16, and they hold awesome memories of the trip.

3. Halloween is my favorite holiday. (What? You already knew that?). Well, fine. More holiday stuff then… We don’t pass out candy because no kids come over, and I haven’t had a Christmas tree up in three years. It’s in the box in the closet, where it will probably stay forever.

4. My favorite color is green, with purple as a close second.

5. I laugh when people fall down, as long as they’re not badly injured, when watching World’s Dumbest on TruTV. (I laugh when I fall down, so please don’t tell me it would be different if it were me falling.) I am a schadenfreude, as V would say!

6. I do not sing in public. Ever. I will go to karaoke bars, but I don’t sing. I only sing in my car. Only. And if no one else is there.

7. I’ve sat on the couch and eaten an entire package of oreos before. I’m not proud, but it was delicious!

8. I DVR old episodes of Full House and watch them on Saturdays while doing laundy.

9. I read every single comment, email and facebook message I’m sent. I may suck at responding to comments, but I read them!

10. I have a very odd talent for being able to name a movie or actor based on a very slim description (“That girl in that movie with that guy on the lake…” “Rachel McAdams” “Yes!”).


Now I’m off to a Halloween party! I’m wearing a costume you haven’t seen yet… I gave a hint in my “10 things,” so see if you can guess it below (it’s from a movie!!)



29 thoughts on “10 things about me and dressing like Emma

  1. You are so cute and colorful, and I love how Emma dresses. She’s always so matchy and preppy.

    I think your clothing exchange is such a fun idea. I hope you didnt send anything you were hoping to get back!

      • You’ll never see it again! Mwa ha ha ha!

        Just kiddin’ love. You look so cute in that skirt! I never styled it with gold tights before! You inspire me, as always.

  2. The Great Gatsby was a good book! And there are many of times I’ve sat on the couch and eaten some things I’m not too proud of either! LOL

  3. I love this outfit on you, and I’m a big fan of Dorian Grey myself!
    I’ll take a stab at what you’re going as for Halloween. Someone from Full House…is it Uncle Jesse (from Jesse and the Rippers—yes I used to watch that show!)? That would be such a cool costume!

  4. I love to see people style the same thing so differently. I’m looking forward to more of the swap.
    PS – I may or may not have also consumed a whole thing of oreos before.

  5. I too have the gift of being able to name a movie or actor based on almost no description! Its kind of a nice random talent to have, don’t you think?

  6. This outfit is so pretty and whimsical and fun!

    I have to admit that I could have been spared much public shame and humiliation if I didn’t sing in public – even at karaoke bars, but I just can’t control myself.

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  8. I love The Great Gatsby! If it wasn’t assigned as a high school requirement, I wouldn’t have known it existed until much later. Like now. aha. I think I was one of the few people who liked it (& Of Mice & Men. That book/movie will never get old).

    I’m also the person who can name an actress/actor based on a slim description. 🙂 People are like, “Wow, you know everyone”, but I just think it’s because I’ve seen a ton of movies.

    I like the “Emma Pilsbury” look on you!
    Very colorful.

  9. Scary that I could relate to almost every single one of your 10 things. Love Full House – check. No public singing – check. Love Empire Records and Picture of Dorian Grey – check, check.
    Love this outfit too. The cardigan and the colored tights really pull it all together.
    – Katy

  10. I love the way Emma dresses and this outfit is so cute and so her! That skirt is fabulous and I love how cheerful you are in these photos 🙂 So adorable!!

    ps Can’t wait to see your Haloween costume! I hope it’s from Gatsby, that’s one of my faves too.


    • Gah! It’s not 😦 I was a flapper last year!! 🙂 This year is nuts. I have to start getting ready, actually 🙂

  11. Aww… I can’t guess what costume will you be wearing. T.T Btw, I love the photos above. The strong wind created an effect on your pictures. ^^ Pics look more fun! ^^

    I laugh when people fall down too. T.T I know it’s kind of mean but I don’t laugh when it comes to old people or if the person got hurt. I’d probably even lend a hand to the person. I also laugh a lot when I fall down and even stay on the floor laughing. T.T

    Post your Halloween photos, ayt? ^^ Enjoy the party!

  12. You are awesome, did you know that? I am totally the same way about singing–only in the car, only alone, no exceptions, even though I sang in church choir all growing up.

    We don’t do the Christmas tree thing either. Every Christmas (and Thanksgiving for that matter) we’re back in Southern California with our families for at least a week, usually more, so there’s really no point.

    Hmm…I’m guessing you’re a either the Queen of Hearts or character from Rocky Horror, but to be honest, I’ve never seen it so I wouldn’t know where to start!

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