#140conf Detroit

Last Wednesday I went to the 140 Characters Conference in Detroit with my friend Emily (she got me the ticket). The always lovely Andrea was there too (looking fierce in a dress I want!) and kindly took photos of my outfit.


We messed around with leaves, trying to throw them up and look cool, but most of them just ended up down my shirt. Ha.
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Shirt, jacket: Tucker for Target
Skirt: Thirfted
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Modcloth
Tights: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy

Oh, and this is my sexy face. This is why I have a husband.
Yeah. That’s right. I’m awesome. And a monster, apparently.

All photos by Andrea, and a big thanks to Emily for assisting (AKA holding our stuff!)



17 thoughts on “#140conf Detroit

  1. Yay! I think your photos look awesome everytime you’re playing around like this. ^^

    I really love this polka dot top… it’s one of your things that I love seeing aside from this cute belt you’re wearing as well. ^^

    And yea, you have a loving husband because you’re a very like-able person. You’re very pretty and you have a wonderful personality! ^^

  2. So THAT’S why you have a husband! Note to self: make crazy face, receive proposal. But really, I should’ve been married 100 times by now, given my facial contortions.

    Love that blouse, but we all knew that. Love the leaf-throwing photos, too. Great work, Andrea!

  3. You are too funny! Maybe I need to work on my sexy face so I could have a husband too.
    Love all the ways you’ve been styling this top, and your leaf photo!
    (I’m so gonna have to do that one before all the leaves around here start to decompose.)

    • LOL! It was AWESOME! I asked Andrea if we could try it (it’s hard to try to do it with a tripod) and she thought it would be fun!
      And Joe loves my sexy face… LOL!

  4. Hey. I’ve been a subscriber of your blog for some time now. I must say that I really love looking at photos of you smiling and playing around. You have a lovely smile. And your outfit here rocks, too. =D

    • Thanks Denise! I’m really goofy IRL, so I try to post photos that show that, and thankfully Andrea was willing to take funny shots of me! 🙂

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