Over-the-knee boots

Let’s take a break from outfit posts and talk about over-the-knee boots. Mostly because I recently acquired a pair and feel like I need to figure out how to wear them, without being mistaken for Vivian in Pretty Woman.

Go Jane was kind enough to offer me a pair of boots to review, so I chose the over-the-knee boots I’d been eying.

Because it was crazy windy and stormy last night, I took photos indoors. I didn’t want to risk flashing the camera (or losing the camera!) if I took them outside.


Yes, I picked the black ones. They’re surprisingly comfortable. The hardest part was getting them on. They’re kinda like pants with feet. It takes a little maneuvering and patience to get them on.
Honestly, I really like them. I can see myself wearing them in the winter with leggings and a tunic, or like I have them on here. I also really like they way they can also fold down into under-the-knee boots.


Coat: Tucker for Target
Dress: Vintage, etsy
Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: H&M
Boots: c/o Go Jane

I think over-the-knee boots can be really cute and interesting if worn the proper way. I think pairing them with a dress or skirt with a slim amount of skin showing, or skinny leggings or pants are the way to go, at least for me.

Do any of you own over the knee boots? How do you wear them?



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  1. I love those! The texture is really cool and the color is so classic! I wish I could wear them but it’s just way too flippin hot down here to do so! LOL

  2. I love boots and I feel bad cause I can’t wear boots here unless I want to have sweaty feet (eew, sorry for mentioning XD) cause it’s so damn hot here. T.T I love over the knee boots too cause the look good on short skirts and dresses that falls above the knee.

    I think I should move to another country now. HAHA! XD

  3. hahaha pants w/feet! 🙂

    i DO have some OTK boots, but i always kinda feel like a pirate when i wear them. gotta pull them out and get them in the rotation, see how i can mix them up this season!

    • They’re pretty roomy, but I don’t have problems with boots fitting over my calves, so I don’t think I’m much help, LOL!

  4. Too funny you are posting this because I just had a conversation with a coworker about a pair of thigh high boots I own. I said to her, and I quote, “So I have these super tall red suede boots….tall as in thigh high, pretty women-esk
    and I am trying to think of an outfit that de-slut-a-tizes them.”

    I am thinking the same page as you with leggings. I once wore them with a long black shirt dress and tights, I got some major stares walking down the street during a girls night. The only skin I was showing were my arms but the persona of the boots takes over….

    Which is why it is important to work those boots into an outfit correctly!


  5. I don’t have any over the knee boots, but those looks great on you. The vintage dress balances them out, so they look sexy but not over the top.

    • I knew you wouldn’t think I would. And, I also figured you’d be proud of me for wearing them, because they’re not me at all!

  6. Whoa, I REALLY love those boots! I’ve been dying for over the knee boots but have been too scared! I’m going to go check those guys out!

  7. Today, I was skyping my bff and she was wearing otk boots. She had on a men’s oxford, boyfriend sweater, and liquid leggings, all in black. She looked fantasticly cool.

  8. I’m loving these! and no, you do not look like a street walker!
    I tried on a pair of grey suede flat OTK boots earlier this month, and I really liked them, but I already have grey flat knee-high boots, so it was hard convincing myself it would be okay to get them. haha.

    • LOL- those would be very close! I have knee-high black boots, but they’re faux leather and have buckles, so these are different!

  9. I have several OTK boots, and I love them. Really, people need to stop associating these boots with hookers. Most hookers don’t even dress like hookers these days. Anyway, these boots look great on you. You look powerful.

  10. I can’t say that I ever plan on getting over the knee boots, but I like the way you wore them. They look great on you. Plus, it never occurred to me that you can fold them down for a lower look. It is like two boots in one!

    The Auspicious Life

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