Photo shoot part 3, the tracks

Georgia and I had a ton of fun on this part of our shoot. I know it’s kind of a blogger norm to take photos on train tracks, but as a tripod-self-photo-taker, it’s hard to do them alone. Plus, I never know when the train is coming.

train 3
train 2
train 5
train 4

We were listening for trains the whole time we were taking photos on the tracks. Since neither of us currently live in Dexter, we weren’t sure when the trains come by (we went to high school together). I used to work at a restaurant right by the tracks, but that was four years ago.

When we finished the photos on the tracks, we walked to the old station building (Dexter is no longer a station for any trains- you have to go to Ann Arbor to get on/off). A few minutes later, an Amtrak train (#37!) came flying past. It was kinda hilarious and scary at the same time. If we had been on the tracks we would’ve have to jump off! So, thankfully we weren’t on the tracks at the time.

Pants: Express
Shirt, shoes: Forever 21
Coat: Vintage Saks, thrifted
Fur collar: Borrowed from a BB Dakota jacket


22 thoughts on “Photo shoot part 3, the tracks

  1. i know what you mean about a tripod and train tracks… never seems like a good idea. I found a set of train tracks around here that are no longer used, but they are a track to get to, so I haven’t taken photos there yet, but I will one day! I would be afraid I wouldn’t have time to move me AND my camera in case of a train on ones that are in use… so I’m not messing with that business!

    These are lovely. I especially love the one where you are sitting on the rails. Great colors and depth of field! And you of course look amazing!

  2. Woah… the end part about the train coming after your photoshoot is a bit scary. T.T Good thing you weren’t on the tracks anymore.

    This is my favorite so far on your photo shoot series. 🙂 The color of the trees in the background looks pretty nice and they blend together perfectly. The bright blue hue of the sky is perfect too!

    You look pretty in these pics! You should flaunt your shape once in a while like in the last picture. ^^

  3. Beautiful babe. especially you hair with all of the green.

    Did I tell you I am thinking about dying my hair orangey red? Don’t know if I have the balls to go through with it though. Haha.

  4. All photos from your photoshoot posts came out so well! The colors are so rich and beautiful – I love them all! Your hair is especially vibrant in so many of them, too. Really lovely stuff!

    – Meredith

  5. I’ve loved seeing all these shots. How cool to be able to hang out with your friend and spend a day snapping great pics. You look beautiful and your hair is stunning in all of these!

  6. These are great pictures! I would be tempted to take pictures on the track, but like you I’d be worried about when the next train would be coming!

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