DIY Halloween: Sweeney Todd

I love Sweeney Todd. It’s one of my favorite musicals, and when it was redone by Tim Burton, I fell in love with it all over again.

Yeah, so Sweeney’s a guy, but I figured I could recreate his costume and I’d rather dress up like him then as Mrs. Lovett.

To get this look:
White collared shirt
Dark pants
Dark vest
Dark scarf
An old fashioned razor (fake)  (I didn’t have one)
White face paint ($1 at Target)
Dark shoes, oxfords are good

My look:
Shirt, vest: Old Navy
Pants: Express
Scarf: Gift
Shoes: Borrowed from Joe

To get the look, I back-combed the top of my hair and pinned it to the back of my head. Then, using white facepaint, I painted the white streak in my hair. Other options would be to use dry shampoo that leaves white residue or baby powder. The face paint was tough to wash out of my hair, I’ll be honest.

I also used a mix of purple eyeshadow and red facepaint to give myself the bruises under my eyes and red-rimed eyes. To use facepaint to line your eyes, go OUTSIDE the lashline. It will hurt really badly if you get it in your eyes.

When I was done with this look, I added more makeup to turn myself into a zombie, which you can see on my facebook page.



14 thoughts on “DIY Halloween: Sweeney Todd

  1. Maybe a fake razor would be better. Going out with a straight razor might be considered a weapon. Or be tongue-in-cheek and carry a pink Bic safety razor!

  2. I love the vest and outfit with this…and you are really good at facepaint. I struggle getting my face to look presentable in the morning, let alone look like something else.

    • I’m not really that good a facepaint… It’s pretty easy to just smear it on, LOL. I’m already pretty pale, so I don’t need thick coverage to make it work. I think I might’ve even mixed in a little foundation…

  3. Oh my God… this one’s really scary looking. T.T I think this is the scariest one I saw among the DIY Halloween that you’re doing.

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