Buttoned up

Shirt: New York & Co
Skirt: Ananya on Etsy
Shoes: Target
Jacket: Erin Fetherston for Target
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Came with shorts

I purchased this skirt off etsy, after discovering A Hat & White Gloves wearing it. I instantly fell in love with the skirt and how Natalie styled it, so it soon became mine. Then, it turned cold, and I turned to tights instead of wearing this awesome skirt sooner.

Well, today I said “screw it” and wore pastels. I don’t care. I don’t conform (or something like that). Who says fall has to be all about oranges, reds and purples? Why can’t I wear pastels and still celebrate fall? (Not to mention it’s about 75 degrees today, so it’s like summer all over again.)

At the urging of Fashion Butter, I’ve been wearing more body-hugging clothes. I’m still not totally comfortable in them,  but I’m learning to love them. Because I’m going out of my way to wear things I usually wouldn’t, I’m also trying to force myself to wear some of the button up shirts I own. You know the ones I’m talking about – we all have them. They’re the shirts you buy when you get your first “real” job, but haven’t quite figured out the dress code yet, and think you’ll need to wear a collared shirt everyday. Well, I have quite a few of those shirts hanging in my closet that I rarely wear. So, for the first time in a while, I forced myself to wear one. Of course, I did it in typical Suze fashion: polka dotted skirt and striped shirt.
Leave it to me to make sure I don’t match 🙂

I was also inspired by this post on Dramatis Personae. I often find myself wearing (and buying) items of similar shades, patterns and cuts. I tend to shy away from anything black or grey (I’m almost always in some overwhelming color), I also tend to run toward similar silhouettes, so I think some jumping around will do me well.



23 thoughts on “Buttoned up

  1. I envy your pastel wearing abilities! They totally wash me out and then I never wear them…so in a sense, it’s good to keep SOME rules in our wardobe….

    • LOL- I think it helps that I wore a darker jacket 🙂 I’m super pale, so pale colors tend to look OK on me. Yellow can wash me out if it’s the wrong shade

  2. You look beautiful! I love all the blues and greens together!

    I’m rebeling against fashion “rules” too and wearing a white skirt and pastel pink blouse today. No white after Labor Day what?

  3. I love the skirt too and I love pastel colors! ❤ I also love the scattered leaves background. Stripes and polka dots print look good together or maybe it's just that you carry this outfit pretty well that's why it looks nice on you.

  4. Cute outfit! I love love love a good pattern mix.
    I’m also writing because I need some creative help with a costume, and you’re so good at it! A group of co-workers and I are going to see the sing-a-long version of “Sound of Music” next week. We’re going in a group costume as “Doe,” “Ray,” “Me,” “Fa,” “Sew,” “La,” and “Tea.” (Yeah, this is nonsense talk unless you’ve seen “Sound of Music”)
    I’m Ray…. so I’m going with the whole sunshine theme. I’ve got a great mask in yellows and golds that I’m going to trick up with some additional sun-rays. But I’m kinda stuck on what to do with the other part of the costume. I was thinking of just looking for a yellow dress at Goodwill…. how bland is that? Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hmmm… What about a yellow dress, maybe a yellow/orange cardigan and some bright shoes? Of you could go the complete opposite and dress as Ray Charles 🙂
      I digress. Anyway, when I think of sunlight, I think of bright and shiny and happy. So I suggest yellow, orange, maybe red/pink and sequins! 🙂 Does that help at all?

      You could also make a “sun” headband…

  5. Ha, I totally used to have a closet full of those button downs! Then I decided that I hated typical office button downs. I did get rid of them a few years ago though and I’m very cautious as to how many new ones I buy and how much I spend on them because I’m worried that I’ll hate them again in a year or so! 😉


  6. What a gorgeous jacket. I have some of those button downs, which i keep telling myself I’m going to wear this winter…sometime. Your necklace really dresses the shirt up. Nicely done.

  7. I literally saw that skirt and thought “Oh, that looks like something from Ananya.”

    I love her shop. I have bought like 7 skirts from her. She has such fun fabric choices..the boats, the polkadots….and I am a fan of this outfit!

  8. Is that a velvet jacket I see? You are perfect for the fall!
    Who says stripes and dots don’t match?

    I think it’s great to show off your figure, and really start to love how your body looks in clothes that accentuate all the positive parts.

    Love the ‘anthro’ necklace!

  9. You look FABULOUS! Embrace that figure, sister!

    I am working on the button up thing too – I only have a couple but, historically, button up shirts and I do not get along. At all. I am trying though.

    And must say, I am loving your pictures lately.

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