DIY Halloween: I love Lucy!

(Here’s the backstory to this series)

You have to imagine me saying “EEEEHHHHHHHH” in these photos, Lucy-style.

So I kinda of cheated with this costume. I borrowed the poodle skirt from my mom. When Cher and I were kids, our parents had old cars, and we would travel to car shows with them. At the time, my mom made each of us and herself a poodle skirt. This is my mom’s poodle skirt. (Can I just say DAYUM my mom is tiny. I had to breathe very shallow to get this skirt to stay on. And her feet are smaller than mine. These are size 9 shoes people. I wear an 10/11!!)

For this look you’ll need:
50s style circle skirt or high-waisted, skinny leg pants
White button up or secretary style top
Saddle shoes (oxfords will work)
Short white ankle socks
Chiffon scarf
Red lipstick
Cat eye glasses

My look:
Skirt, shirt, shoes and scarf: borrowed from mom
Socks: mine!

To recreate Lucy’s hair, I attempted to curl it and pin it on the top in the faux-hawk/poodle hairstyle Lucy always wore. My hair does not hold curl well, so I faked it.

If you don’t want to be Lucy, you can always use a similar look and be a rock ‘n roll kid from the 50s.


PS- Joe dared me to see how many costumes I can come up with in a week, so in addition to the ones I’m posting on the blog, I’ll be posting quite a few more on the Miss Vinyl Ahoy facebook page. I don’t want to overwhelm everyone here with my Halloween posts, so the extras are facebook exclusives.


7 thoughts on “DIY Halloween: I love Lucy!

  1. Love love love this! My mom made my sister an I poodle skirts as well…I’m not sure why though hahaha. Also, this might be my new favorite costume you’ve posted! 🙂

  2. I’m seriously considering doing some rag curls and doing a Lucy halloween costume. Rag curls make my hair INSANELY curly and i for real look like lucy…. hahaha.

  3. OMG! I have a similar skirt back then when I was a child… and it’s pink too! ^^ This looks really fun and cute! I still wonder how you managed to stuff your feet in those shoes. T.T

    I wonder where’s the other costume you did? The one with scary makeup? Gaaah, I was really scared by that makeup that I actually thought of it before I sleep last weekend. T.T

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