DIY Halloween: Lady Gaga

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

Rah rah ah ah ah ro-ma ro-ma-ma Gaga ooh la la…
Lady Gaga 1
Lady Gaga 2
Ruckus is being a creepy black cat for Halloween. She’s already winning. (BTW- I use a camera with a timer on a tripod. She’s not starting at anyone but the camera. SHE KNOWS!!)

59771127Lady Gaga! This costume is fun. You can be as crazy or as “normal” as you want. You can chose to make a crazy hat, or make a simple one. You can also decide if you want to wear a nude shirt under the lace (like I did), or if you’re just going to wear the lace shirt.

This is the Gaga look that inspired me, along with Santana from Glee’s Gaga episode last year. You’ll notice that I chose to not make a mask. I’m not really a mask person, but if you chose to make one, get a black eye mask (from a craft store) and cover it in lace. Or, you can go the Glee route and draw on fake lace (if you’re good at facepainting.)

You’ll need:
Long sleeve lace shirt with ruched shoulders
Floral lace tights
Black shorts
Nude shirt
Black booties/heels
DIY loop hat (DIY below)
Crap tons of makeup
Rolled up socks or thick shoulder pads

My look (yes, I already owned everything minus the hat):
Lace shirt: F21
Tights/shorts: Target
Booties: Nine West
Nude undershirt: Borrowed
DIY hat
Knee socks (shoulder padding): Target

The hat is the most difficult thing. Here’s the simple DIY:
Take 40 yards (give or take 20 yards) of thick black ribbon (depending on how big you want the hat), create loops of about 6-8 inches of ribbon and hot glue them onto an old hat (cut off the brim first). Easy peasy. Just time consuming.

To redo Gaga’s makeup, I drew in my eyebrows with black eyeliner, lined my eyes really thick, and smudged on fuchsia lipstick. I also glue on false eyelashes (they tickled!).

Next up: I love Lucy!


PS- as always, let me know if you have any questions. This is probably my favorite costume so far!


26 thoughts on “DIY Halloween: Lady Gaga

  1. Woah you totally got the Gaga look! ^^ And Ruckus, you’re a great addition on this. *big hug for cutie Ruckus* Looks like she enjoying this!

    I want to make a ribbon head piece too! But I think I’ll go for a smaller version. XD I wanted to copy this look too so I guess I have to check some Halloween parties happening around over here. XD

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  3. OMG that’s awesome!! That DIY hat is insane!! I wish I was that crafty! This outfit and Ke$ha’s are my favorites so far!! You go girl!

  4. I-L O V E-THIS -COSTUME!! Wow, this is completely awesome!! What a clever idea to wear a nude top under lace top. I would love to be Lady Gaga for Halloween. Good job!

  5. oh. my. gosh! This is my favorite yet!! The hat is so neat, I’m very impressed with how darn crafty you are!! Can’t wait to see your “I Love Lucy” costume next!!

  6. I hope you have got a slew of events to attend this halloween so you can show this off.
    Contests? Instant win.
    And Ruckus is adorable, not creepy!!

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