You’re all wrapped up in mystery

Cardigan: Old Navy
Tee: Jcrew
Belt: Modcloth
Skirt: Target
Shoes/necklace: Forever 21
Tights: Not sure, probably Target

I could’ve gone the traditional fashion blogger route and named this post “on the prowl” or something else referring to the leopard skirt. But I decided to go the tongue-in-cheek route and name it after a Def Leppard song, because, well, they’re the bomb.

Does anyone say that anymore?

Look Fashion Butter! It’s a pencil skirt! It’s a leopard print pencil skirt! Aren’t you proud? πŸ™‚
Oh, and it’s that damn red belt again. I need a similar one in another color…

And just when I thought I was done taking photos, this little guy walks up and poses. I swear, I stood still for a good 30 seconds and over he walks. He must be a fashion blogger in squirrel world because that pose is awesome! (Either that or he’s asking if he can haz apple. To which I say yes!)

Title song: Def Leppard, Photograph


29 thoughts on “You’re all wrapped up in mystery

  1. Ha! That little guy is adorable! And I love how you’ve styled this outfit. It’s really perfect from the awesome hairstyle to the tights and heels.

  2. i covet your cute-sta-squirrel!

    this outfit is a homerun, so far as im concerned.
    question: did your belt stay put all day?
    i know if i wore my belt at that part of my body, it would totally ride up… im envious of peeps who are able to wear belts lower on their torso sans beltloops…

    • Yes and no. I actually took it off for a little while, because I was cleaning my office, and I kept hitting it. I also buy belts that aren’t SUPER snug on me, so they fit where I want them to.

      I also made sure to fix the belt before photos, and I’m always checking my outfits during the workday (constantly making sure a shirt is tucked in or the cardigan isn’t bunching in the back).

  3. Hey! I wanted that skirt! I was on a “shopping diet” and didn’t buy it, and when I went back when it was on clearance they were all gone. 😦 It looks great on you and you should incorporate more pencil skirts into your wardrobe. They look really good on you.

    Sorry, I can’t join your enthusiasm for squirrels. They live all over my yard and have absolutely no fear of me and laugh when I try to scare them away. And they eat everything from my garden. And they creep me out!

    • This was the only one I could find at my Target store! It’s not even my size (it’s smaller than I usually wear), but it fits!!
      I do have a few more pencil skirts that I’m attempting to wear more often πŸ™‚

      I just liked this squirrel, we usually don’t have any around our apartment!

  4. ZOMFG! that squirrel! SO EFFING CUTE! fun fact: squirrels are one of my fav animals, and i have a tattoo of one πŸ™‚

    ok….on to the good stuff. i love that skirt, lady! yay for going outside of your comfort zone!!! so worth it. one of my favorite outfits on you!

  5. You look really cute with your outfit! ^^ I love black tights on skirts. I keep searching for good black tights over here but I haven’t found one yet. T.T The necklace looks familiar… I think that was the one you used for a previous DIY shoes right? ^^ It’s so pretty!

    Yay for the squirrel! Sooo adorable! ^^

  6. awww so cute. We have tons of squirrels at my house, but they are too busy torturing my dog to pose for pictures.

    Cute outfit. Great combo of colors!

  7. “Oh, and it’s that damn red belt again. I need a similar one in another color…

    LMAO! I said to myself, “Yep, there goes that fab belt again” and then when I read that I had to laugh!

    Very cute outfit as always!! πŸ™‚

  8. very cute! I really love that skirt and how you’ve styled it! And that’s most definitely a fashion blogger squirrel… such a little poser. hehe.

  9. I know that skirt! I paraded, yes paraded around Target in that skirt. I love it on you. And yes, why don’t you wear pencil skirts more often? AND, I really like your hair like that. Do it again, please.

  10. So chic! That red belt is awesome and I love seeing all the ways you wear it. And the tight + heels combo looks so fabulous! I bet you got a bunch of double takes today… hot stuff!

    Aww squirrel is sooo cute, glad you included him πŸ™‚


    • I think the heel is really strong on it’s own, so I try to downplay the HUGEness of it by pairing it with things that are a little more girlie. They’re cute, but suck to walk in!

  11. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog from another site and favorited you! I love the way you put outfits together. It’s very cute and trendy. I got those miu miu inspired shoes…and while they are hot…yes, I agree, they hurt soooo much!!!

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