Wearing it out… the red belt

I think I have an obsession with my red belt. It’s become my go-to belt when I want to wear one, but don’t know which to wear.

I paid $10 for it at the beginning of summer. It’s already worth what I paid.

Here are the most recent ways I’ve worn it:

Do you have any go-to accessories that you wear often?



22 thoughts on “Wearing it out… the red belt

  1. oh yes. my straw hat from target that i wear anytime I need a little something extra, when my hair looks bad, or when i’ll be in the sun for a particularly long time (to protect my scalp from sunburn).

    the black belt i bought from modcloth a long time ago. It’s always my go to belt for mixing patterns when i need separation or when I want a high waisted belt.

  2. Belts are my No. 1 go-to accessory, too. If I had to pick just one, it would be this outrageously huge Western belt I found for 5 bucks at a Tucson, Az flea market.

    (Thanks for stopping by my site! I’m thrilled to have found such a stylish Michigander! Cheers to Vernors, Better Made, the Great Lakes, etc.)

  3. Um…No? I don’t think I do.

    But these are all REALLY solid, great looks. Really impressive. And are you wearing a wig or did you have black hair for two shakes?

  4. Its a cute belt so I can see why you like to wear it so much!

    Wow, my go to fashion accessory would have to be my purple cardigan/coverup from Charlotte Russe. It is the most comfy thing ever and it allows me to layer it with black or white T’s (which are also comfortable!) With a basic outfit like that , I can feed my most coveted addiction – fashion accessories! LOL

  5. LOVE. The third look, love red belts!!

    I feel like I go through phases with accessoiries, for a month or so I’ll just want to keep wearing the same one with everything —

    Though I do love pairing my diamond studs with everything all the time.

  6. If I had that belt, I’d probably wear it often too cause it’s sooo cute! 🙂

    For me, I don’t have one particular accessory that I must wear all the time. But I never go out the house without any bracelet on my left arm. It doesn’t matter which one I picked, cause usually I base it on what I wear… I just feel incomplete without any bracelet.

  7. I adore you in the second outfit with the brown pigtails! SO cute! I think red touches are so useful and classic. Great investment!

  8. Hi hunnie…I love the red belt….its really versatile as you show here. I think its great to be able to just grab something and KNOW its going to look great. In all these outfits you add some extra color with the belt…I think its a great “go to” item:)

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