DIY Halloween: Ke$ha

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

Ke$ha was the first “difficult” costume to do. There were many different ways to go, different things to wear or do. I have two interpretations of her.

The first is the not-so-crazy glitter covered version:

For this look you will need:
Lace shirt
Old tee shirt (ripped up if you want)
Black shorts
Black heels
Sequin jacket (or leather)
Feather earrings

My look:
DIY ripped tee
Lace top/shoes: F21
Tights/ Shorts: Target
Earrings: Not sure…

The second look is the “sad-clown” look. It’s much more obvious it’s Ke$ha than the first:

For this look you will need:
Tank top
Black eyeliner
Every necklace you can find
Black heels
Fake nose ring

My look:
Tank/ shoes: Forever 21
Shorts: Target
Belt: Hot topic
Necklaces: everywhere (Target, Charlotte Russe, Modcloth, Forever 21)

I wore a pretty simple outfit this time, concentrating on the makeup. The make the “sad clown” look, you use black eyeliner and draw it on. I used a large jewelry jump-ring to make a fake nose ring, adding to the overall look.

Next week – Lady Gaga and Lucille Ball


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  1. Second look looks like fun. 😀 Can’t stop wondering what you’re going to do for Lady Gaga’s look. 😀 O few kilos of raw meat? 😀

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