Grape nuts.

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: H&M via a trade with What Would a Nerd Wear
Scarf: Gift from Ruche via Midwest Blogger Meetup
Tights: Target
Shoes: Forever 21
Purse: Borrowed from Cher
Belt: Came with some shorts

Ah, fall is back again. I am excited for layers, can’t you tell? I was lucky to get these photos in before the rain came and the sun went down. It’s going to get interesting to get photos during the winter. Last year I took them all indoors because I live an hour away from my work.

This year, I’m considering taking them during my lunch hour at work. Maybe sneaking off to the conservatory or to the neighborhood around my work (it’s pretty nice). We’ll see. I’d prefer to not have to take indoor shots, because I’d rather use natural light, but who knows if it’ll work.

Oh, if you can figure out what the title is referencing, congratulations. You have the same mindset as an adolescent boy (and me).


PS- No, I didn’t touch up my hair. But, surprisingly, my roots aren’t showing. Hmmm… And yes, I am obsessing over them. I might need an intervention.


25 thoughts on “Grape nuts.

  1. oh i love all the layers and I am definitely loving the deep purples and blues! Such great colors for fall, I have a feeling those will be two of my most used fall colors…. aside from black and brown, but those are neutrals, so they don’t really count!

    • Wanna know what’s funny? I bought this skirt in the spring! I love when clothing can translate easily from one season to another with a simple addition or subtraction of tights/scarves.

      I love purple!

    • Oh yeah! I don’t iron it (I actually don’t iron at all, even when it’s obvious I need too- wrinkely skirts!), I usually just crumple it up so it has that “messy” look to it… LOL. I should iron more, but I’m just too lazy and I’m not very good at it.

  2. looove the purples. such a good color on you.
    i’m so jealous of all the swapping that goes on! I want in. I would love a constant refresher to my closet. I would probably spend so much less money!

  3. Man, you are SO CUTE! Love how awesome the purple scarf (and entire color palate of the outfit) looks w your hair and skin. And those shoes- adorable.

  4. That skirt is one of my fave skirt of yours… of course cause it’s purple! ^^ I love the scarf too. I imagine grapes on it. XD

    I wish I can layer clothes too. I wish this December will be cold enough here so I could layer clothes as well.

  5. love love love the print on the skirt. Purple has to be one of my favorite colors for fall.

    I love that you wore the scarf, because seeing you wear it gave me an inspiration on how to wear mine that I got in my bag.

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