Somebody doesn’t like me! The dangers of Formspring

I have a formspring, oh yes, it’s true.  I usually don’t get any questions, most people talk to me on Twitter if they have a comment or question, but when I logged in today, I was excited to see that I had a few questions in my inbox.

Well, they’re not questions, they’re more like snarky comments. This is what was said (in three SEPARATE posts):

“I saw your comments on the Shoe-A-Day blog about Modcloth,* and this might come out mean but it’s true: Modcloth may highlight those they sponsor but it’s because they actually have FASHIONABLE style! I’m sorry, but you need to get your photography and wardrobe together before getting Modcloth to feature you. I usually don’t side with them but just because you applied & have a blog doesn’t entitle you to a feature! Do you know how many people email them about that feature?!
And your hair color is really bad & we can all see your roots.”

*This is the post to which this person is referring, which is from June…

I didn’t answer this person in formspring because I believe they’re not going to check to see if I did. Obviously they just wanted to call me out, tell me I have no style and leave it at that. And that’s totally fine, that’s their opinion. I don’t feel the need to clarify my opinion behind my comments on the Shoe-a-Day post, because it was from June. But, I certainly don’t want other people to assume that I think I should be featured on Modcloth because I have a blog (the commenter assumed that, which wasn’t the truth).

If you read Cher’s post, she talks about how SHE recommended me to be featured, and her comment was approved, then went back into moderation. Turi, from Modcloth responded, and I responded to her. If you click the link above you can see what I wrote, but basically I said I had applied twice to be featured (I’ve also suggested many other bloggers to be featured), and it’s just a little discouraging when all you see are the ladies they sponsor being featured. It would be nice to see other bloggers who aren’t on the payroll featured.

The answer is just for my anonymous formspring questioner:
I appreciate you taking the time to write three separate posts to me! It takes a lot of guts to leave someone an anonymous comment (or three). When you are free, would you please come over and teach me how to dress, buy me hair dye and teach me how to take photos. I would really appreciate it. And just because you preface something with “this might be mean but…” doesn’t mean you have the right to be mean.
Oh, and by the way, Modcloth did feature me on their Tumblr.

I really don’t mind snark or rude comments, seeing as this is the second one I’ve received and I’m still here, blogging along. In my opinion I must be doing something right if people are taking the time to tell me how terrible I am. Well, that and everyone that reads this must be crazy too, because you all seem to like my outfits, which means none of us are fashionable. So, let’s stick together!! 🙂

That is all, have a great weekend. The next DIY Halloween post will be up tomorrow!


PS- are my roots really that bad?! I can’t see them in any of my posts!!


32 thoughts on “Somebody doesn’t like me! The dangers of Formspring

  1. I love your reply! XD I hope that person gets to read that. XD I wish she’ll teach me how to be fashionable as well cause if that person thinks you dress terrible, then what more me?? I need his/her special powers a lot! XD

    I was a little hurt about the hair color… *T.T* apparently, I dyed my hair too few months ago. Now, about four-five inches of my hair’s natural dark brown color shows. I didn’t really mind about my hair before but since that person commented on your hair, I was a little affected too. (LMAO XD)

    • LOL. I wasn’t trying to respond as a bitch- I;m serious! If they think I’m not fashionable, I obviously need their help.

      I’m going to go find a magic marker and color in my roots. I’m afraid to be seen in public… 🙂

    • LOL- I usually only dye my hair every 4-6 (as recommended) because it’s less damaging for my hair.

      I enjoy my bad fashion. I think it fits me very well 🙂

  2. What an extremely rude person! One of the things I like about your blog is it seems a little more “real” than a lot of the ones I look at. I don’t want to sound like I’m disparaging any bloggers, or saying that any of them come off as fake, but not everyone has the time/money to spend their days scouting out photo shoot locations and fantastic new vintage/designer/high street clothes to supplement their already enormous wardrobes. We need more girls in their backyards who aren’t getting sent free swag!

    • “girls in their backyards who aren’t getting sent free swag!” That would be me, LOL.
      I don’t look at my blog as a high-fashion blog. I’m not scouting locations. I don’t wear mini-skirts and cat-print rompers. I’m a normal girl, working an office job. I post photos of what I wear to work, so of course it’s not going to be as exciting as someone who works from home, but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t look decent. I’d like to think that I dress well with the small amount of money I have to spend on my clothes. I’ve also never tried to be a photographer. I take my own photos, so of course they’re going to look very different than someone else who has their friend/boyfriend/husband take them.

      I’ve also only been blogging for a little over a year, taking photos of my outfits since last September. My photos aren’t going to be perfect. If you look back at anyone else’s blog, in their first few years, they were still learning. That’s what I’m doing- I’m learning.

      I appreciate your comment… it’s nice to know I wasn’t crazy for thinking the comment was mean!!

  3. Oh how bold people are when they have the world wide web between them and the person they are insulting.

    And your roots are not noticable. To be honest for the first month or so that I read your blog I just assumed you were a natural redhead… and that’s coming from a natural redhead! haha

    • LOL!! I didn’t think were noticeable! The color tends to fade out around the same time my roots begin to show, so they fade together. And thanks! Most people think it’s natural 🙂 Apparently I have good dye jobs 🙂

  4. “Twin,” you are one of my style icons. Seriously, whenever I have on my normal, boring cardigan and black pants for work I sometimes do something kind of daring, like a crazy scarf or bright shoes, and I have NEVER been upset I did it, and I thank you for that. I’m not at all an adventurous dresser and I am inspired by your style. So for every misguided idiot who thinks you don’t have style, I think you probably have 100 people who you’ve inspired with your awesome fashions. FOR REALZ. I don’t ever give you (or Cher, it’s true) enough credit for inspiring me, but ya do!!!!

    • I heart Style Underdog and Style Underdog Jr. 🙂 I’m just very thrown off by the comment, because, although I agree that I need to work on things like my photography skills (which I don’t hide), I never thought my fashion choices were bad. But maybe they read blogs that are more street-style or more high-fashion than me, and that’s fine. I don’t mind.
      I love everyone who takes the time to read this blog everyday (or whatever). I’m happy there are people who “get” me.

      I’ll always be one of your biggest fans too! 🙂

  5. What you have is called “style.” Not MY style, or HER style or THEIR style, but YOUR style. And it works. if it didn’t, well, you’d know because all these supportive comments would be bitchy.

    So brush it off and chalk it up to this: All successful people have haters. It’s how we all know that we’ve “made it!”

  6. Keep doing what you’re doing. I don’t read those high fashion blogs because they’re a dime a dozen. I don’t need to see those bloggers in their designer clothes with their “professional” pictures. If I want to see that, I’ll look at a magazine (with real models, not poseurs). I have honestly never seen any of your pics that I thought were bad. And I’ve never noticed your roots, but if they’re there, so what? That person must be really scrutinizing your photos, which is rather flattering, don’t you think? You often wear things I would never wear, and that’s what I like. Makes me think outside my own box. So keep it up. I think you’re genuine, and I enjoy your zest for life!

    • Maybe this girl was from one of those high-fashion blogs and was mad that people like my style? I don’t have fabulous photos, but it is me, with my tripod and a point-and-shoot camera. They’re not going to be magazine quality.
      I can’t believe this person went through Cher’s blog, to mine, went through a bunch of my photos, then went to formspring to leave me three separate comments.
      Thanks Lang! 🙂

  7. I’m sorry you have to deal with such crudeness. I have a formspring too and don’t get asked questions nearly enough either. I kinda wish I did because I love getting them (anonymous or not). I’m going to ask you a couple of questions now!! yey!!

  8. I’m glad your are able to take this lightly, rudeness is awful. And I’m actually feeling guilty about what I said the other day which was a bit mean towards kendi, even though that was never my intent —
    But I do grow weary of ModCloth and their super special bloggers and how you never see anyone different.

    People who are fortunate enough to have designer wardrobes and semi professional photographers and loads of free stuff are very lucky indeed — but I think it’s more interesting to see people getting dressed for the everyday and making a small budget do amazing things.

    And there is a lot to learn about taking good photos, and just because you are in your back yard with a point and shoot doesn’t mean you can’t still do something awe-worthy.

    I do wish I had some cool brick buildings with alleyways nearby though…

    • I’ll be honest, when I first read the comment, it hurt my feeling, which was probably the point. If someone was just trying to be helpful, they wouldn’t leave an anonymous comment, IMO. But, the more I thought about it, the more I just realized that I shouldn’t care.
      The reason behind Cher’s post wasn’t to talk about how awesome I am and how I deserve to be featured, it really was to talk more about how you always see them feature people they sponsor (obviously Ms. Anonymous didn’t read the entire post and just jumped to conclusions).

      There is a reason why I write what I write and dress how I do- because it’s REAL. This blog is the real me. I’m not rich. I’m not a wonderful photographer. Love me, or hate me. This is who I am. I am trying to learn to take better photos- but my blog isn’t about the photography, it’s about what I wear and DIY stuff.

      I wish there was a cool alleyway near me to. Right now I’ve got woods and the area near my apartment, LOL.

  9. Sorry this happened to you- I am not a fashion blogger and only a handful of fashion blogs in my favorites list- yours in one of the few. I like what you do bc you come across as a real person and not trying to be someone you are not- i never noticed your roots- sad that some feel the need to judge other women so harshly.

    • LOL- I never noticed my roots either! It’s sad that is the part of her comment I’m clinging to.

      I appreciate you liking what I do! I try to present myself as real, because who wants to be fake all the time? This blog is who I am, it’s what I really wear to work, and I’ve never wanted it to be anything but! 🙂

  10. Screw that asshole – they’re obvs just someone with too much time on their hands and a whole lot of bitterness in their heart. I think your blog is great and your personal style is fun and cute, and I’m willing to bet you have many other readers that feel the same way. One of the main reasons I like your blog as well is that it’s accessible – it’s not perfect and polished all the time and so it feels real. I feel I can relate to you more. Not that I can’t relate to ppl whose blogs are perfectly polished, but there just isn’t the same connection. You come across as just being you and that’s great – that’s the whole point of a blog anyway. If ppl don’t like who you are then they don’t have to read

    • Thanks Kim!
      I don’t want to present myself as anything other then I am. I’m not polished, I’m not perfect, and I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂

  11. I definitely wouldn’t let this bother you. There will always be critics, and I think that having one here and there who leaves a mean comment is a sign that your blog is getting a large readership.

    You have beautiful hair that I often admire.

    • Thanks 🙂

      I do think that a lot of mean comments on ANYONE’s blog (not just mine) are because that person is #1, jealous or #2, bored.

      I like my hair too! I don’t think it looks bed, but then again, it is my hair! 🙂

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