DIY Halloween: Morton Salt Girl

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

Dear Halloween,

My first attempt to thwart your expensive and often slutty costumes came in at a grand total of $0.59 because I had to buy salt. It is easy, cute and recognizable. Take that!


The Morton Salt Girl is an easy, easy costume if you already own a yellow dress or yellow coat, and umbrella and salt.

You’ll need:
Yellow dress or yellow coat
Yellow or black mary janes or flats
Morton salt
White tights

This costume was super easy, because I already own everything (except salt, apparently) that I needed to put this look together.

Dress: Modcloth (same wrinkly dress from earlier this week)
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Flats: Charlotte Russe
Umbrella: Target
Salt: Meijer

Up next, Alice in Wonderland


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15 thoughts on “DIY Halloween: Morton Salt Girl

    • Wait until tomorrow! It’s Alice in Wonderland, and it’s not slutty at all! LOL.

      I wanted to showcase costumes that anyone (well, female) would be able to wear, regardless of age. The only ones that might be more adult would be the Lady Gaga one (which consists of a costume that covers my entire body!) and maybe the ones I’ll showcase the week of Halloween. I’m all about the free/cheap costumes!!

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