Welcome back fall. How I’ve missed you.

Dear Kendi,

I was uninspired Wednesday, until I saw your outfit post and though “oh hey! I can do that!” because I own the same Tucker for Target shirt, some high-waisted pants and even nude heels! Even though I wore my Tucker for Target shirt only a week ago, I decided to wear it again, and “borrow” your look as my inspiration.

Did I do you proud?

9-22-2010 15
9-22-2010 4
9-22-2010 8
9-22-2010 6
9-22-2010 3 9-22-2010 7
9-22-2010 2
Top: Tucker for Target
Pants: Kenneth Cole via Marshalls
Vest: Hand-me-down from Cher
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Borrowed from shorts
Sunnies: Vintage Ray Bans, from my mom (they were/are hers)

Like I said above, Kendi inspired this outfit. I was ready to go naked to work, because I had no outfit in mind that I wanted to wear. So, rather than be unproductive, I was reading blogs, came across her post and thought her outfit was really killer, so I decided to do it too.

Oddly, or maybe-not-so-oddly, none of my coworkers or friends thought this outfit was a stretch for me, maybe because they know me and I probably would’ve paired the shirt with pants at some point. I don’t think I would’ve thought to add the vest on my own, but I love what it adds to the overall look.

Kudos to Kendi for making sure I didn’t wear PJs to work, even though she had no idea.


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31 thoughts on “Welcome back fall. How I’ve missed you.

    • I really, really like it. It’s more sheer than I usually wear, but I loved wearing it layered last week, and this week tucked into pants. It’s probably going to be seen A LOT in the coming months!

    • I knew you’d love the photos! I was really excited when I was going through them, because they’re actually pretty good, and I knew you’d approve 🙂
      My friend took them behind his work- which is way out of my way, or I’d always take photos there.

  1. I love the look. 🙂 And I envy you for having light colored eyes. I like the vest. I’ve seen a similar design over here, including the design pattern on the back. I decided not to purchase it though because I’m on a shopping ban. T.T

    • LOL- my eyes are pretty much my favorite feature. They’re the exact same color as my mom’s, which makes me happy.
      I’ll have to force Cher to take a close-up of her eyes- they’re a really pretty amber-brown color 🙂

      Good for you for not buying the vest!! I’m very proud 🙂

      • LoL but it is really pretty. I’m doing a real hard task of trying to control myself from buying anything… not visiting the shops I frequently go to and skip the online shops I like.

        I wish my eyes would be that light. My eyes are too dark. Not really black but just a little darker than brown.

  2. I love this on you and on kendi! this is killer! The sunglasses even gave it a little 70s beatnik feel. hehe.

    I love how that happens though, the inspirations from blogs. There are so many times I think, you know i probably would have gotten there eventually… but not anytime soon. I have expended my style options leaps and bounds because of the inspiration I’ve found on blogs.

    • Oh, totally! I’m sure I would’ve eventually paired the top with pants, but I never would’ve thought to add the vest! Other style blogs can be very inspirational because I don’t always think the same about outfits as other people do, so they’re totally helpful 🙂

      I love the sunglasses! I should probably do a post about how I got them from my mom, because it really is a good story 🙂

  3. Girl you rock those shades! This outfit is definitely you and I did check out Kendi’s post. In my opinion you definitely did her proud! 🙂

    I need to get my butt over to Target to get myself Tucker-fied! I love the shirt! LOL

    • I loooove the Tucker collection. It’s AMAZING. I bought a dress/tunic too and have already worn that. Gah. I wish I had more money so I could buy more!

  4. Pretty green eyes. And I love the Ray Ban aviators. They are cool and classic at the same time. I wear mine almost everyday!

    • Thx! I need to add a disclaimer saying I did NOT touch up the photo! That’s what they really look like! (no one but Joe ever gets that close to me!!)

  5. Funny, I saw Kendi’s post and didn’t think much of it, but I LOVE your version! Maybe it’s your hair, or the longer vest, either way, you’ve rocked it.

    And your eyes are so gorgeous!!

    • I went full force into the 70s- I made my hair SUPER straight (i was seriously combing it FLAAAAT all morning).

      And thanks!! They’re pretty much my favorite feature 🙂

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