My cat is cuter than my outfit

*Note- these photos aren’t very good. My outfit isn’t as cute at the cat in them, so I’m posting them because of her.

Hi. My name is Loafy. I decided to get in the way and mess up the lighting. Cool, huh?

It’s ok. She’ll pick me up in a second…
Told you. She’s very predictable.

No. I don’t want the toy. Really. Stop. I’m not going to take it. You suck.

Nope. Don’t look at her. Look at me.

I’m way cuter.

Plus, she’s been wearing this scarf for days now. I’m sick of it. I want to claw it.

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M
Socks: Target?

Hello 5,000 degree day. Where the eff did you come from?? Oh, and yes. I forced my cat to narrate the photos. Awesome, huh?

Not much to say today- super hot, can’t wait for storms and cooler weather again. And I love Glee.


PS- check out Style Underdog Jr’s outfit, inspired by my outfit from this weekend (she’s adorable!!)

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19 thoughts on “My cat is cuter than my outfit

  1. I love Loafy’s statements! I miss her cause she’s not updating her blog anymore. ^^ I remember my cat who’s as snobbish as Loafy. 🙂

    The yellow dress looks good on you. I think those kind of cuts flatter you. Hide that scarf too… Loafy might steal it away. XD

  2. Oh Loafy! You are just so funny, I love your satire. And you are freaking adorable staring at the camera from the floor.

    And Glee was quite good; though I don’t remember Rachel being so despicable last season. Am I remembering wrong? Because I thought she felt a bit out of character in her treatment of Sunshine.

    • She was all about herself, but she was also all about Glee. I also think her treatment of Sunshine was a little off (plus, why introduce a character who’s not even going to BE there?!)

  3. bahahaha… i love loafy. she’s such a camera whore! haha.

    I do love this outfit though. That dress has an awesome shape and the scarf with the yellow! wonnnnnderful!

    • She seems to really understand what camera is, because she’ll just STARE at it, even when I’m in her face, taking photos of just her. She’s such a ham 🙂

  4. Hi Suze!

    It’s crazy hot here too! Thanks for posting our dress! As much as I love it, I must agree Loafy is totally cute too 🙂

    Winston would love a new playdate,
    Elisa at ModCloth

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