Thrifting chic


Top: Forever 21
Jacket: Thrifted
Pants: Old Navy
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Target
Pin: Vintage (Mother’s high school pin)

If you read my last post about how to find awesome pieces when shopping, you may have a little insight into this outfit and where I wore it. Sunday I hung out with my friend Eric. He likes thrifting, so I dragged him to Value Village (after feeding him Sonic, of course). We both ended up finding some pretty cool things!

Off topic- I can’t wait until the sides of my bangs grow out a little. I loved the Bettie style I’ve been rockin’ for a while, but I’m excited to have longer sides again for the winter. It’s an easy look when it’s cold outside.


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22 thoughts on “Thrifting chic

    • I did way too much. I walked away with a faux fur cape, men’s army jacket, brocade jacket, grey safari style top, dress AND workout pants…

  1. I love that scarf. I really need to do some more thrifting…. not that I need to spend money… but more cause I want the thrill of the hunt!

    • That’s why I love thrifting! It’s so much more rewarding to find something when thifting because you can be pretty sure it’s one-of-a-kind!! 🙂 The scarf was $10 at H&M!

  2. Hi Suze,
    My daughter, Style Underdog Jr., has the same jacket in red. I can’t wait till she gets home to show her….”OMG Mom, I have the same jacket as Miss Vinyl Ahoy!” Yes, just waiting for it.

    • Thanks! I found the jacket at a thrift store, and like I told Grace, I *think* it’s Heritage 1981. The scarf is still in stores at H&M, and I love it! It’s super long and really comfortable (I’ve worn it three days in a row…)

  3. I love the scarf. I just love cat prints. 🙂 I think I’ve seen you wore the same pin… I think your mom will be so glad that you’re using that.

    The jacket looks cool too. We actually wore the same color of jacket yesterday. LOL

  4. I am obsessed with this outfit. It just looks so well put together! What a great find that jacket is. And that little touch of leopard – just perfect!!

    ps if we’re ever in the same city we’re totally going thrifting together! xo

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