Friend Friday: Work vs Blog Wear

So the topic this week actually comes from me! (Yay!). It’s been something that I know a few bloggers have been discussing (myself and Fashion Butter included!). I suggested this topic to ModlyChic because I’ve found myself looking at certain posts, doubting that person actually wore that outfit for anything other than the photos they took (even though it was presented as them wearing the outfit around town and to work all day long).
So, ModlyChic put together some thought provoking questions for us to answer:

1. When it comes to outfit posts on your own blog, (be honest) are they what you actually wore that day?
Yes. My blog is about what I wore and how to be stylish and yourself on a budget. The majority of my outfits are worn to work, but if it’s anywhere else, I always say where I went or what I did.

I will admit to keeping a pair of flats with me at all times though. I’ll put those on to walk up/down stairs or if I’m putting things together for an event, because it’s easier on my feet, and I’ve already fallen down the stairs at work.

2. For a fashion blogger, working in a corporate environment can be tricky. How do you mesh your day job with your personal style choices?
When I go shopping, I (usually) only buy things I can wear to work, in some capacity. My clothes must have duel purposes for me to feel OK with purchasing it. I am drawn to very feminine silhouettes and styles, as well as vintage prints and designs.

I own a few “dresses” that are much to short to be dresses on my tall frame, so I just wear those as tunics instead. I pretty much measure everything by the length. If I can put on a dress, it comes to around my knees and doesn’t show everything if I raise my hands, I’ll wear it. If it doesn’t fit that criteria, I either don’t wear it to work, or I toss on a pair of leggings and call it a tunic.

3. When you get dressed in the morning, do you think “what should I wear to work” or “what should I wear for the blog?
I think about what I should wear to work. Perhaps because I take photos of my outfits I am more conscious of mixing different colors and patterns, but the foremost thought in my mind is “what to wear to work.”

I try very hard not to break any rules of our dress code, which isn’t very hard. We don’t force employees to wear suits or uniforms. Our employee handbooks says we have to look clean and appropriate for the job we’re doing. There are certain things I would never wear to work, such as flip-flops or jeans (except on Fridays, when jeans are allowed), micro-mini skirts or sheer panel pants.

When I started this blog it was to showcase what I was wearing. Not what I WISH I was wearing.

4. Do professionals you interact with ever make comments about your clothing choices?
Often the comments I receive are positive. Many of my female coworkers are aware of my blog, and sometimes read it. I’m very careful when choosing an outfit, because I won’t show up to work in a mini-skirt or anything else that might look OK on my blog, but completely inappropriate for the office.

So far, I haven’t had any negative comments, with the exception of a few comments here or there about the height of the heels I prefer to wear. Because I refuse to alter my choice of footwear, I carry flats with me (as I said earlier). I’ve also had one coworker refer to a skirt I was wearing (which my sister has now inherited) as looking like a “trash bag.” It’s a very nice skirt, made of a shiny brocade-type fabric. Because of her comment, I haven’t worn it since. It was hurtful.

5. Some bloggers openly admit to wearing outfits only for the blog post. What’s your opinion on that?
If they are upfront about it and say they only wore it for photos, I’m not annoyed. I believe The Clothes Horse did that with a sheer shirt she bought. She said, up front, that she took the photos to show off the shirt, and didn’t wear it out. I respect her for that.

If the blogger is upfront about posting photos of their “dream” outfit, or what they wish they were wearing out and about, I don’t mind it at all.

If someone is posting photos on their blog that I would later find out weren’t worn in real life, but had been masquerading as if they HAD, I’d be slightly annoyed.

I suppose to sum it all up, the answer is that I prefer to read blogs that show what you really wore, for more than just photos. Some inspiration blogs are cool, but I like seeing what other fashionable ladies really wore.



25 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Work vs Blog Wear

  1. hi – i couldn’t agree more. and it wouldn’t be an issue for girls to post photos of themselves wearing clothes they didn’t actually wear anywhere, except i feel that the whole premise of street style/fashion blogging is about personal style in your daily life. i mean…if i wanted to look at pictures of girls playing dress up in things they (or i) can’t afford, i would open up a magazine.

  2. Hey Suze…I’ve been reading some of the #FBFF posts and I cannot believe people say things like your skirt looks like a trash bag. That is awful.

    The interesting thing about this topic is that some bloggers are wilder than others…so some of their outfits may look like they aren’t worn in everyday life, when perhaps they are (Gala Darling is a great example). All the towering heels I wear in my photos, I actually wear…8 hours at work, even 5 hours in the mall. But I’m glad to read that so many others don’t really care about the “real world” quotient…if they like the blogger, they stick around.

    ♥ V

    • I loved that skirt too! Cher has it now, and she loves it 🙂

      It’s always interesting to see the difference in opinion everyone has on the FBFF topics. We’re all so different, and we all have different opinions. I kind of like knowing everyone else’s opinion about these things 🙂

  3. If I had the means and the method, I’d love to play dress-up all day and take professional quality photographs and be quite content…
    But until I’m a bored millionaire, I’d rather focus on looking good in real life. I have much more respect for bloggers who wear their wardrobe in the world!

  4. Interesting topic. I don’t mind if a person is upfront about not wearing an outfit, like the sheer shirt example. Most of the time I like to see outfits the person actually wore, since those provide the best inspiration.

  5. I am also wondering about the same thing… if some fashion bloggers wear to work what they’re wearing on pictures. Cause I’ve seen some blogs that posts outfits that seemed “too fashionable” for work to the point that it’s sometimes inappropriate. It’s not that I’m against it but I’m just wondering… 🙂

    I knew you’re wearing the same thing at work cause you take pictures after your work right? This is why I find your blog a lot helpful to because I know that since you wear the same thing to work, I know I can copy some of your styles and be fashionable at work without violating any rules or looking hideous.

  6. Nice. I like this. Monday – Friday I go to work and I dress for work, just like you mentioned. But I do try to put a cute spin on things so that they are photographable and fun. I do see some blogs with crazy short denim skirts, sky high heels and crazy (cool) clothes and do wonder if they really do wear those things for more than 10 minutes. So thanks for the post – this is on a lot of our minds.

  7. I dress for work always, but try to put my own spin on it. while I do work in a corporate enviroment, we have a business casual dress code. I am extremely lucky that I have the freedom to wear pretty much anything I want as long as it isn’t blue jeans and shorts.

    Plus my co-workers love seeing what I wear everyday and actually look to me for inspiration on how to push up their normal daily wear.

  8. This is such a great topic. I think that is one of the first things that comes to my mind when I visit a blog for the first time. The next question is how does this person afford all of this stuff (if they seem to always be wearing new clothes) ha! always about the money.
    I agree with you about only buying clothes that you could wear to work. When I was at my old job it was a must, it didn’t make sense to buy something I could only wear 2 days out of the week.

  9. Good answers. That’s a shame you didn’t wear that skirt anymore after your co-worker made that comment. That negativity bashing has got to go we have to instead uplifting people and be encouraging.

    • I think I responded and told her “it’s not a trashbag, it’s a really nice skirt,” but I doubt she cared. My sister’s workplace LOVES the skirt, and so does she, so at least it ended up in a much better home, with coworkers who appreciate the fun of it.

  10. Love this post, because that’s what I’m really about too, what I wear to work, and that’s why I started my blog. To give me motivation to dress myself up nicely in the morning. Granted I work in a gallery and we have no dress code, I like to dress up because then our clientele give me a little more respect. I do think that some of my clothes may not be ok in a normal corporate setting. I do sometimes wear hats in my pictures that I dont wear all day, especially at work, but I will wear them out. I also change my shoes throughout the day. I keep a couple pairs of heels at work and flats so if I’m wearing heels and have to move a bunch of art around I can slip on some comfy flats and not trip and fall while carrying a $8000 painting. haha 🙂

    Loved the post!

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