So follow me down, out of this town

Top: Tucker for Target
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Forever 21
Socks: Target maybe?

This outfit came together on accident. The dress and shirt were hanging next to each other in my closet, and I decided I’d wear them together. Go me. Sometimes the best thing come from these accidents.

I felt very Alice-in-Wonderland in this outfit, although I can’t explain why. It’s not a very Alice get-up, but I felt like crawling through the rabbit hole.

I’m also realizing I haven’t worn black as a main color at all this week (the sequin outfit doesn’t count, because that was during the weekend!). I didn’t plan that at all, and am kind of excited that it worked out that way!

I really need to put away all my tank-tops and drag out my tights, because I know they’re hiding in about four different places right now. And it’s getting colder. Maybe not in the afternoons, because Michigan weather is so unpredictable, but in the mornings it is freezing!


Title song: Follow Me Down – 3oh!3


12 thoughts on “So follow me down, out of this town

  1. Yes, I can see Alice in your outfit too! The fourth pic is sooo cute. ^^ I think you’d look more like Alice if you took pictures in the woods. XD

    I love polka dots that’s why I love-love-love your top. ^^

  2. Nice blouse, and I mean nice as in I wish I wasn’t doing stupid GAAD so I could run down to Target right now and buy it nice.
    P.S. Nice Jessica Simpson shoes from yesterday, and I mean nice…

    • They’re the same quality as many shoes from Modcloth (just marked down A LOT), Charlotte Russe or GoJane.
      F21 doesn’t manufacture their own shoes, they just sell someone else’s designs.I’ve never had a problem 🙂

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  4. love love love! I get the Alice vibe too, and I like it! haha. I finally managed to find and purchase a pair of flat oxfords over the weekend. I’ve been eying yours for some time and I finally a pair I couldn’t live without!

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