Jackie O meets Barbie

Dress: Loehmans, Chicago
Jacket: Express via Marshalls
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom Rack, Chicago
Belt: Modcloth

I blame Fashion Butter for this outfit. Well, mostly for the dress. Ok, entirely for the dress. I tried it on, she looked at me and said “you’re getting that.” I knew if I didn’t buy it, she’d never forgive me. And, although it’s not my typical style, I really like it!

You can’t really tell here, mostly because I didn’t take a photo, but it’s a halter-faux-shirtdress. I love the gold details, and even added my own WWE Championship belt to the mix. (Yes, I won the belt in a lightweight fight in the Octagon. My special never aired on TV because the other guy was badly injured.)

If you look closely in the third photo (the closeup) you can see the rings of the faux belt that’s attached to the dress. I needed something else in the outfit to help visually break it up, so I just tossed on my WWE belt over the faux one. No one knew. Until now, because I’ve spilled my secret…

I luuuurve these shoes! I saw them at the store, ran up to them and threw them on. Unfortunately, I didn’t break them in before wearing them at work all day, so my feet are a little annoyed with me today (so I’m wearing flats!).

Next time I want to go shopping I have to take Fashion Butter with me, because she was just so fun to shop with. She’d get easily distracted by a great purse or pair of shoes, then just go on with the rest of the conversation. But, since I probably won’t be in Greece anytime soon, and she won’t get back to the states for a while, I’ll shop with her via twitter!

Do any of you ask for shopping advice via twitter or your blogs? (Y’all know I have!!)



18 thoughts on “Jackie O meets Barbie

  1. You look perfect today. 🙂 Yes so Jackie O and I totally swoon over the shoes as well. Those shoes are pretty! ^^

    LoL at the WWE belt. XD I wonder who’s the guy you knocked-out. XD I love the belt, it looks perfect with the dress. I hope you took a picture without the jacket. I think the dress looks pretty even without it. ^^

    • I didn’t take any photos without the jacket because it was too cold, and I didn’t have a strapless bra on (haha!). I’ll have to take some the next time I wear the dress, or at least the next time it’s semi-warm out!! 🙂

  2. You are so hilarious! I like how you mixed it up here – the belt is GREAT (um, can I borrow it!?) and those heels look HAWT!

    Next time, I want to see that halter back in all its glory.

  3. oh girl. you’re lucky your shoe size is larger than mine b/c i would steal those from you!

    glad you broke out of your comfort zone and got that dress! win!

  4. This looks adorable! You two are a good shopping team. I get lost just stepping foot in Loehman’s! I love how you covered the perma belt too with your much more fun WWE belt 🙂 xo

  5. hehe! Well, I am glad you went for it, because it looks FAB. the fit is perfect and I love how you styled it here. One might not think to mix that jacket with those shoes with that belt, but IT IS WORKING!!! love it!

    Eboni Ife’

  6. love love love those shoes too! Ah! Gorgeous! I do get the jackie O vibe from the jacket. Much like that pink one she wore with the little pill box hat. hehe.

    My best friend often sends me text messages for shopping advice. It’s the sad part about being 10 hours away from your best friend and shopping buddy… you can only shop together via text!

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