Who says redheads can’t wear orange?

Into the woods
Dress: Tucker for Target (worn backwards)
Leggings: Target, kids section
Shoes: Really, really old
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Modcloth

Bytheway, the whole only one nail painted thing, I’m gonna make it my signature. Mostly because I’m too lazy to paint all ten fingernails, but also because I think  it’s kinda fun!

This is one of the pieces I picked up from the new Tucker for Target collection. I wasn’t aware that the ruffle went in the back until I looked at the lookbook photos. But the ruffle is so cool, I wore the dress backward. It looks fine, and no one said anything when I was at work.

I sneaked off into the woods to take these photos. This time, a few teenage boys found me and decided to watch. I smiled, said “hi” and kept taking photos. I think they decided I was boring (and vain!) and left me alone a short time later.

I think it’s interesting that women (or teenage girls) see me taking photos and don’t say anything, or stop to watch. But men (and teenage boys) seem to think it’s interesting and stop to watch. Has anyone else had something similar happen?
Note- I take all my own photos using a tripod, unless otherwise noted, so maybe they think it’s really peculiar?).


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24 thoughts on “Who says redheads can’t wear orange?

  1. This dress looks awesome on you, my friend! Like I told you when we went shopping, I have never understood those redhead rules. I mean, a redhead in red is amazing in my book.

    Re: pics, everyone in Greece stares at everything for some reason, so I just do my best to hide when I am spotted. Hahaha!

  2. I love the dress.. I don’t wear orange (I think I don’t own anything orange on my closet) cause I blend with the color since I’m tan (haha!) but you’re fair skinned so orange looks good on you. I haven’t seen that dress’ front part yet. The back was also featured on your previous post but it doesn’t seem that you’re wearing it backwards at all.

    I think boys are much curious on what women do that’s why they stop and stare while girls are used to those things that’s why they don’t pay attention most of the time. 🙂

  3. Orange looks great on you and this particular shade really complements your skin tone.
    I like the way you belted this dress and paired with with leggings. I tried it on at the store and thought it was too short for me, but it really works as a tunic.

  4. Rules are meant to be broken and you broke this one very well! The red floral print picks up your hair color, making it all so compliementary! 🙂

  5. i love the orange on you–i think it’s very flattering (and why wouldn’t it be? Your hair is a somewhat similar tone and it suits you so well!).
    i get the same reaction from men–i think it surprises them more than it does women!
    p.s. i’m in illinois (but i’m quiet about my location) so i’d love to be invited to midwest stuff you all do! xoxo

    • No prob! I’ll make sure to notify you for the next one! Again, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you about it before! I guess we thought we were getting in touch with everyone we knew my blogging about it and tweeting it, but obviously not!! 😦

  6. oooo, that dress looks amazing on you! I would have never guessed that was be back of the dress. I am seriously going to have to get myself to target soon.

    I have had a few people stop and stare at me. Last week it was a girl about the same age as me with her dog. Her dog was barking at me and I was just not reacting… I think I confused her. ha. But i have had the occasional men or teenage boys stop and stare. Usually the only time I see people is when they come around and I’m already well in the midst of taking pictures… which at that point I usually don’t pay any attention to them. I tend to steer clear of populated areas though… I don’t particularly care to be starred at… ha.

  7. um, i think that is a lame and stupid rule re: redheads/orange. its the opposite as you’ve so clearly demonstrated! red and orange compliment each other so well!

  8. You look fabulous in this dress! I fully support your breaking the rules, which are silly anyway since orange looks great on you. I love the way you styled it, too… backwards + belted = perfection!! xo

    Also what’s up with people stopping and staring? Maybe you should put a sign on your tripod that says something silly, like: “Celebrity photo shoot underway, please don’t interrupt.” hehe

  9. Redheads can wear everything and look good!

    I’m still not ready to venture out beyond my apartment complex with just my tripod and me…I guess it is hard to explain to bystanders. One day I will be brave like you though!

  10. Interesting observation about men and women. I’d stop and be interested in what you were doing. Of course I like redheads so I’m biased. Very lovely dress.

  11. I think the orange is very flattering on you, and the ruffle looks cute in the front.

    I also take my photos with a remote and tripod, and definitely get some strange looks from both genders. Men seem more inclined to ask about what I’m doing than women.

  12. You look great! I passed by all these pieces in Target the other day but didn’t have time to go and try them on, I think it will be a must this weekend.

  13. It’s a funny sight to people, I imagine. I often wonder what my neighbors think, who see me every day, but never say a thing.

    I like the dress with the ruffles in front — why waste the good parts on the back anyway?

  14. I was in front of my apartment taking photos with my tripod – looking crazy, of course – and a woman walked by, no big deal. But then guys are like wwwhhhat? And just look confused. Weird. The lady did come back up and sweetly apologized for getting in my way. Sweet! She asked what I was taking pictures of and I got to tell her about my blog. She was nice. But yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Maybe it’s the tripod…seems like the more I do it, the more balls I get!!!

  15. This dress looks amazing on you! Perfect with your hair! I liked the look of this dress on Target.com but I LOVE it now that I’ve actually seen it on a real person. Look great! Love the colors!

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