(Drumroll please!!) And the Swag bag winners are…

I started plugging the numbers into Random.org, like usual. But then, the same person got picked EVERY TIME. So, I threw my hands up and said “eff this” and decided to do it my way (random, my ass…).

I printed off each entry, cut them up and drew the winners out of a hat. (Random.org’s favorite person DID win a giftbag, don’t worry!)

The winners are…

Rach LaRoche!
What Would a Nerd Wear!

And, because I had a few extra pairs of We Love Colors socks and Spotted Moth coupon codes, these two ladies win those:

Nicole Martin!

Congrats to all the winners!

Please e-mail vinylahoy@gmail.com to claim your prize!
(AKA give me your address so I can get my butt down to the post office to mail everything…)



7 thoughts on “(Drumroll please!!) And the Swag bag winners are…

  1. Woah! The charm worked! ^^ Thanks Suze! And thanks to the sponsors too. I wish on you next meet-up, I’ll be somewhere near so I could meet all of you (Loafy & Ruckus included). ^^

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