Trying on: Tucker for Target

I’ve known about this collaboration for some time, even read an article last night reminding me it would be hitting stores today, yet when I walked into Target, completely intent on buying shampoo, I saw the sign and was a little shocked that I almost missed it!

Strangely, I find myself really attracted to this entire collection. I grabbed nearly one of each piece in my Target to try on (no joke).


I love the colors, and the retro feeling of many of the pieces. (Um, hello?! Did you see the orange polka dot tie front top? So me!)


But, please be proud that I only purchased TWO pieces with my b-day money (oh, I love my parents!).


You might even be able to guess which pieces before the end of these lookbook pics.


No? Well, here’s what I tried on:
(BTW- I HATE the lighting in Target dressing rooms.)

Trench, $59.99; Polka dot bowtie top, $24.99; Herringbone orange skirt, $34.99

Butterfly print tank, $22.99

Ruffle back orange dress, $39,99 (worn backwards)

Signature blouse in cream, $29.99

Signature dress in floral print, $39.99

Button-front floral dress, $34.99

Brocade skirt, $39.99; fleece top, $24.99

I’m really in love with this collection. Some of the shapes of the dresses don’t look good on my body, but the fabric is really cute, and I can see many different women wearing pieces from this collection. For a full listing of the pieces available online, go here.



16 thoughts on “Trying on: Tucker for Target

    • I bought the orange polka dot tie front top (um, it was MADE for me!!) and the ruffle back orange printed dress (even though I thought the ruffle went in the front!!)

      🙂 The pieces are GREAT! And perfect for transitioning into fall!

  1. I just returned from Target and tried on nearly every piece as well!
    I broke my shopping diet and bought 2 pieces. At least I’ll look cute in my shame!
    I thought a lot of the pieces ran small, did you find that?

    • Actually, they were pretty true-to-size for me, but I usually always assume I need a large in everything (which isn’t true!)

      Aren’t the colors and patterns great!?

      • They are great!
        I wanted to buy 3 of the signature dresses, but I restrained myself to one (purple) and the cream signature blouse. I wanted the herringbone and metallic skirts and the orange dress you got but they didn’t have my size left. I guess that’s what I get for not hitting Target when they open!

        • I actually went around 4 pm, but I also live in Michigan, so it’s not like there’s going to be a ton of ladies trying to purchase the pieces (plus, we have about a million targets!)

          You might be able to get them online.

  2. Thanks so much for the preview! I almost went to Target today, apparently there is a two-story Target downtown that rocks. Now I’m definitely going 🙂 I hate their dressing rooms too.. I have to be in a very optimistic before I attempt them.

  3. oh, i almost stopped at Target today. I definitely am going tom!!!! thanks for reminding me! I’ve been eying that herringbone orange skirt and that blue dress on the second girl in the second set of pics you posted. I am proud of you you only bought two things. Hopefully I’ll be good tomorrow with my bday money!

    • I hate taking photos in dressing rooms. But my camera always makes a ‘click’ sound, so I’m pretty much stuck using my camera phone. I just wish the light was a little better, then it might not look like I was moving my camera all around!

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