DIY Anthro tassel necklace

Maya and I decided to both take on this DIY together. Well, kind of together. Using these photos as our inspiration:

We decided to each take on the DIY and see what happened.

I chose to recreate the necklace on the right, because feathers and cats do not mix.

Maya redid the necklace on the left (check out her blog for her DIY!)

To make the Anthro tassel necklace you will need:
– tassels
– ribbon
– wooden beads
– chain
– optional: glue, pliers
I bought all supplies (minus the chain) and Hobby Lobby for about $5. The chain was borrowed from a ceiling fan…

I cut about four inches on chain, laying on a flat surface. Then, I began stringing beads on top of the tassels. I used a little glue to hold them down.

Then, I decided how to space out my tassels, marking the links with pins. (At this point, I went back and added more beads, because I liked how they looked. It’s up to you.)

Using pliers or jewelry clamps, open each link you’ve marked for the tassel, and slide it into place.

Next, take about two feet of ribbon, weave through the chain, tie off each end at the chain, and the very ends, and voila! Tassel necklace!! (Trim ribbon to be as short as you choose.)

It’s not quite the same, but I’m happy with how it turned out!

To see Maya’s recreation, check out her blog!



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