Singin’ in the rain!

Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21
Socks: We Love Colors

Joe and I walked in the door about 2.7 seconds before it started pouring, which means, once again, inside photos!
I love that this dress is so bright and fun on its own. It can lean to the side of almost too costume-y, which I kind of like.

On another note, the skirt I purchased on Monday arrives today. No joke. I’m really excited for it. Similar to this dress, the hemline falls below my knees, in a fabulous retro style.

I also purchased on thing (so far) from my shopping list the other day, but I’m not revealing what until I actually get it (confirmation of shipping came today!).

Hope y’all had a great start to September! Our day was 95 degrees!



24 thoughts on “Singin’ in the rain!

  1. I like that dress. I agree with what you said that it looks fun. I like the color and how the skirt fall.

    I hope you bought the cutesy yellow jacket. ^^ That jacket is the prettiest jacket I’ve seen so far and if I happen to spot a similar design over here, although I’m on a shopping ban, I probably purchase it. XD

    You should wear the new skirt soon! ^^ And please pose with Loafy too! I miss Loafy that much… I guess she’s busy getting stuck on boxes cause she’s not updating her blog lately. XD

    • I’ll have to take Loafy for a walk and get photos with her outside!! 🙂

      And I really want the yellow coat, I’m just making final choices!

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