September featured blogger: The New Professional

It’s not often I run across a “real” professional’s fashion blog. I say this, because most fashion bloggers are very liberal with their sartorial choices, especially if their job permits it. But, what about us few creative individuals who work in a pretty professional workplace, but still want to be creative and dress professionally, but like themselves?


That’s where Angeline of The New Professional comes in. She has a creative eye for clothing, but always dresses professional for work (even when participating in the 30 for 30 and having few pieces to chose from!). She offers tips to help you get through your work day, relate to coworkers and better manage your work life. The New Professional is a haven of information about how to mix work with fashion.

And, I’m really, really excited, because she’s my featured blogger for September (insert YAY here).

1. Describe your blog in three words.
Dress & act professionally (& is a symbol!)

2. What/who are your style inspirations?
Jennifer Aniston and Fred Astaire. Jennifer Aniston because she seems to put together looks that are simple but really nice, and Fred Astaire because he always looked so dapper (plus he always had colorful socks–always have a surprise!).

3. What are your three favorite things in your closet?
Black pencil skirt–it goes with everything!

Brown tweedy pants–super comfy.

Navy cowl-neck shell–basic but not boring.

4. What outfit or piece of clothing would you buy if money was no object?
An extravagant Ralph Lauren evening gown. ::swoon:: I love this gold one:

5. What are your top five favorite stores to shop at?
Hmm…that’s hard since I’m on the Great American Apparel Diet and shopping is the last thing on my mind these days. But I’d say (in no particular order):
Ross/Marshall’s for everything, Target for shoes and basic tanks and tops, Banana Republic/BR Outlet for pants and dresses, LOFT for skirts and tops, Macy’s for outerwear and shoes.

6. Who is your style icon and why?
I can’t really think of one (please don’t take away my fashion blog!). I’d like to think it’s all those women who juggle a career, family, and social life, and still manage to look put together without shopping themselves into debt. It’s all about how you wear it.

7. What has been your favorite blog post to write?
Well, it’s one of three: the one about making yourself indispensable, the one about choosing art, or the one about personal planners. I find that my advice posts are generally more personal and enjoyable…I am oddly passionate about professional behavior and development.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Honestly…I have no idea, except I’ll probably have a kid. We’ll be moving to a different state next year when my husband finishes his PhD and finds a professor job, and I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do yet. I could definitely see myself being happy in a job similar to what I have now (communications manager/magazine editor), but I could also see myself doing a number of other things. My running joke is that if we move to a small town, I’m opening my own cupcake/cookie shop, but I have to learn to make good frosting first. I’ll probably reassess the blog after I move and figure out what I’ll be doing.

9. Why did you decide to start a blog?
I’ve always enjoyed the creative outlet a blog can be (helllooooooo, I’m a writer!), and it’d been a few years since I stopped my last blog. I was reading a bunch of design blogs, which led to reading fashion blogs, but I couldn’t relate to most of the clothing I saw–short floral dresses, heels everyday (not just at work), or more couture looks. I’d been working in office environments since my junior year of college, and had accumulated a lot of thoughts and opinions on professional topics as well, so that got worked in to make the blog more of a resource for readers. I let the idea stew for about a year before I started the New Professional in March. It allowed me to really consider the focus and format of the blog. I think having that vision laid out from the get-go was really helpful.

10. Anything else you’d like to share?
One unexpected perk of blogging is the blogging community. I think that’s been the best part…getting to “meet” loads of beautiful, fashionable women from diverse walks of life. You ladies are awesome!


10 thoughts on “September featured blogger: The New Professional

  1. I am so jealous. I love Jennifer Aniston, but can never copy her looks as well as Angeline! Great choice in a featured blogger, Suze!

  2. Thanks, Suze, for featuring me!

    @ Cherrow — I don’t know if I do that good of a job channeling Jen A. with work clothes, but I definitely try on the weekends!

  3. How ironic is it that you featured her the same day as her 6 month blog anniversary?!? I do have to agree that she writes a great blog. Even as someone who doesn’t work in a office type setting I love her blog.

  4. I definitely have to check her out! Definitely up my alley because I wear office attire five days a week!

    Thanks for the spotlight!! 🙂

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