I still futz with that tourniquet

Dress: Target, purchase with b-day money (so technically a gift?)
Shoes: Spring

Yay! Welcome, September. I am excited to see you.

I used a really cool 1960s filter when editing these photos, and kept it because I thought they looked really cool. It’s not the most creative of outfits, but worn out a necessity because it was about 95 degrees.

Our Midwest blogger meetup is on Sunday, and I couldn’t be happier! Cher and I will be putting together the gift bags (swag bags?) this weekend, and prepping the awesome Spotted Moth purse that will be raffled off to one lucky attendee. We’ve been planning this meetup for over a month now, and I’m so excited it’s only a few days away!

Also, I have no idea what Ruckus was doing in the second photo. She does that a lot. I’ll come home and find her laying on our half wall (above the stairs) with her face and paws hanging over the edge. She LOVES to do it, but we can’t decide why. Loafy’s never anywhere near here, so they’re not playing or anything. So it remains a mystery!


Title song: Her Words Destroyed My Planet by Motion City Soundtrack


10 thoughts on “I still futz with that tourniquet

  1. Aww… I envy those who can go to the blogger meetup. T.T If only I don’t live in the other side of the planet… T.T

    The dress looks pretty. 🙂 Those style of dresses are popular here lately. Another thing I noticed in these pictures aside from the 60’s style and from Ruckus is the missing ball that I always see in the corner. XD

    I wonder what Ruckus is looking at… ^^

  2. Um…that dress is ah-MAZE-ing! I love love love love love it. Just a little. Ok, a lot. I love how the neutral shoes complement that gorgeous dress. Did I mention I love it?

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