Help me chose!

I’ve purchased one thing so far with my birthday money, a skirt I’d been eying at Anthropologie that was WAY too expensive. But, yesterday, I noticed it was marked down 50% and decided to buy it. I’m really excited to get it and can’t wait to style it. Plus, the 50% off made it within my price range, which is the only way I’d ever be able to purchase anything at Anthro. Not that I own anything… yet.

But, while I’ve purchased one thing I’m really happy with, I’m stuck between a few others. I’m not going to tell you where this stuff is from, until after I (maybe) buy it, so I still have the chance!

What’s your pick?


PS- it’s not the I’m indecisive, it’s that I like them all, so I need outside opinions! Plus, I hate shopping on stores, or alone, so this is the way to do it online!!


20 thoughts on “Help me chose!

  1. The moment I set my eyes on the lemon coat, I fell for it right away. 🙂 My second choice would be the wine colored suede-looking shoes. Then the polka dots dress which I think would look lovely on you. ^^

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  3. My vote is for the yellow polka dot dress! Super cute!! My next pick would be the magenta shoes – screams the Fall and you can have a lot of fun pairing them with different outfits!

  4. Doesn’t Anthropologie have the best sales? Unfortunately a lot of their really cute stuff sells out before it has the opportunity to go on sale. 😦

  5. These are all so you! Beautiful and hard to choose, you’re right. I love them all too. My favorite is the floral dress with purple shoes.
    This is very hard, because I love the coat and the other two shoes too!

  6. UH. The black & white shoes. hello!! ps- sept. 11…wanna do dinner and a birthday present when i get off work?

  7. I’m with many of the above on the yellow coat. You’ll get so much wear out of it! I also really like the purple pumps but you have a lot of fun colorful shoes. No black and white (til after the challenge is over) since I think you have some in your closet already to wear when you feel it. Go for snazzy! Also since my comment is a little late know I’ll support whatever you decided 🙂 Hehe so exciting!! xo

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