What I wore on my birthday

Coat: Borrowed (although I think I’ve commandeered it at this point)
Pants: Kenneth Cole
Striped Top: H&M
Tunic: Modcloth, won from Delightfully Tacky
Necklace/shoes: Forever 21
Faux Fur Collar: Borrowed from a BB Dakota coat

First, many thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday! Between here, my Twitter and my Facebook page (not to mention my cell phone!) I think I had so many messages they were coming out my ears.

This may not be the craziest outfit ever worn on a birthday, but I did have to go to work. Tonight I’m going to a karaoke bar, and supposedly borrowing Cher’s Miu Miu heels (6 inches!!), so I’m sure my outfit will be much more entertaining!

I think I’m way too ready for fall. Sure, it was about 73 degrees out today, but that didn’t stop my from looking oh-so-seventies on my birthday! I have a feeling, if the weather cooperates, I’ll be rocking my fall wear for the next few days.

I am so ready to wear some long pants, my still-to-be-made cape and lots of faux fur. I need to put away some of my more summery pieces so I can begin to focus on just the fall ones. I’ve always kinda sucked at breaking apart my wardrobe, but I definitely have some pieces specific to each season. I feel like I should be keeping them separate so when the seasons change, things will feel new. Right? Ok, maybe not.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!!


7 thoughts on “What I wore on my birthday

  1. Yayyy birthday!! You’re adorable and I love the little hints of grey everywhere in your outfit. Have so much fun at kareoke, and let us know about those Miu Miu heels! 😉 xo

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