Maximizing my potential

Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: Really old.
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Modcloth

I’ve never owned or worn a maxi dress, to my knowledge. But when I went shopping with Cher, I found this maxi dress and I just fell in love with it. It just shows my overwhelming love for all things polka-dotted. I wish it was a little warmer so I could wear it over a swimsuit, even though I don’t go to the beach often (or ever).

And I am definitely getting rid of this sweater. It doesn’t fit right and just looks odd. Ugh.

Today’s not really a day for words, LOL.



13 thoughts on “Maximizing my potential

    • It’s REALLY low cut, haha. That’s why I have the sweater on! Sometimes I try to get away with low cut tops/dresses, and it doesn’t really work! 🙂

  1. That is an awesome polka dot print! I feel you on wearing a sweater over! Maxi dresses never do a good job of covering up my “girls” properly!

  2. I really want that maxi dress. I too have an infatuation with polka dots. Somebody else said you looked graceful in this picture, and I will have to agree.

  3. I love the dress… or maybe it’s because I like black & white polka dots. XD I don’t own a maxi dress too. I’m too thin I’m afraid I’ll look like a stick…

  4. you look amazing, chickie!
    the shade of the cardi, even though ya say it’s on its last leg, is brilliant against the b/w spotted dress. supremely great!

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