Perfect picture baby blues in my day

Saturday I went to my cousin’s wedding. I attended the ceremony alone, since dad had chemo a few days before, and he couldn’t be left alone for a long period of time.

I went home and picked up Joe and my mom and headed to the reception.

My cousin looked AWESOME. She’s already about seven feet tall, skinny as a rail with the face of a super model, so putting her in a wedding dress is very fitting. And, of course I have no photos of her (I’m a bad paparazzi!).

The reception had a photo booth, so of course Joe and I tried it out, and my mom and I did too.

And, I excitedly wore this:
Dress: Rodarte for Target
Shoes: Ebay
Clutch: Forever 21
Ring: Gift

I was wearing a cardigan and belt at the wedding and reception, but I seem to have misplaced them…



Title song: Baby Blues by The Cranberries


17 thoughts on “Perfect picture baby blues in my day

    • LOL- I found them on Ebay after borrowing a similar pair from my sister! Hers are from Nine West and are satin! Mine are vinyl or plastic (I think)

  1. So pretty! The pale blue is perfect for your complexion. And, like everybody else, I’m loving the mix of the two polka dot patterns.

  2. I really like that dress it really looks good on you. And oh, those shoes are so cute! ^^ I love the photos you took during the wedding. Is it just me or you and your mum look alike? ^^

  3. I thought you said you didn’t wear short skirts :)….. well if this is how your legs look in short skirts, girl you need to rock them more often. Seriously! I love this dress and this shade of blue looks so great on you.

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