Found a cape pattern!

First, I am so very behind on comments! Everyone that’s left me comments in the last week should expect one back either today or tomorrow. I got very behind because of a wedding this weekend and driving to Saginaw for work yesterday and a Tigers game last night.

Anyway, while I was in Saginaw, I stopped by the thrift store the non-profit I work for runs/owns.

I found a bunch of good stuff, but I held strong, and I didn’t buy any clothes. Instead I purchased six patterns (two are cape patterns!), a vintage train case and some 1970s fabric.

I am really excited to make the cape. We shall see if it goes well or if the pattern falls apart in my hands, because it is really old and yellowed.



7 thoughts on “Found a cape pattern!

    • I’m considering getting some HUGE tracing paper, and tracing the pattern instead of cutting the original. I don’t want to destroy it, you know?

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