Preen Cropped Turtleneck DIY

Since the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear runway shows, I have been compiling DIY’s I want to try. This was the very first I decided to do and mostly likely the easiest.

You will need:
Black turtleneck
Thread/Needle or sewing machine
White fabric chalk or a crayon

First, I put on my turtleneck and marked above the bust line in an arch similar to the Preen photo above.

I cut out the front and cut the back straight, then stitched the new hem. You can choose to either do it by hand or with a sewing machine (zig-zag stitch). I used my sewing machine.

Then, I put the cropped turtleneck back on with my best Preen look-alike dress.

This DIY is actually pretty quick! The thing that will take the longest is the new hem. But once you’re done, you have a simple (and cheap!) designer DIY!



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