In my bloodstained Sunday’s best

8/20/2010 closeup
Dress: Deep LA
Shoes/shades: Forever 21

I’m beginning to realize my lyric choices for titles never have anything to do with what I’m wearing, but more to do with the song I am listening to in the moment I am writing this. Does that bother anyone?

Cher calls this dress my “little-house-on-the-prairie” dress, but my boss called it more mad-men then little-house, so I’ll go with her assessment. I survived eating cheese fries, a coney dog (chili, cheese, mustard and onions) and swedish meatballs in the dress. No stains, no spills. I guess that means I am growing up.

Or I just learned how to not drop my food.

Joe and I ate dinner at Ikea, because we live about two minutes away and we keep hearing about how cheap the food it. And it really is cheap, but it’s filling. Kinda crazy!

Before my newest challenge and self-imposed shopping ban, I was on the search for a vintage cape. But every one I found was too small for me. I love this pattern and shape of this one, but it wouldn’t fit my shoulders (or close around my chest!)

For the $34 it would cost to purchase an ill-fitting cape, I can buy a vintage pattern and fabric and sew my own, and that’s just what I think I’d going to do. That’s not shopping, that’s DIY-ing, right? Maybe I’ll even just DIY one instead of buying a pattern. That could be interesting and fun…


PS – the dress sustained no bloodstains, no matter what my title says. Plus, this isn’t my Sunday best. I usually wear my Star Wars t-shirt on Sundays 🙂

Title song: Say Anything – Walk Through Hell


18 thoughts on “In my bloodstained Sunday’s best

  1. Oh Suze, there are so many awesome things going on in this post, the dress, the cape, the Star Wars tee, and eating at IKEA. Haha, that is one of our family outtings. Did you try out every piece of furniture?
    DIY is not part of your ban so do it. I can’t wait to see what you create. By the way, how’s my fur vest coming?

  2. use a pattern… I have ruined many things trying it without a little guidance. go for the cheap patterns, like simplicity, usually fewer pattern pieces, and easier to follow 🙂

  3. oh i love that dress! i love the hem line and all the details! eep! (so many exclamation points!!!!)

    My titles generally have very little if anything to do with the post. Usually they’re random song lyrics or something funny someone said that day.

  4. you are my DIY queen. can’t wait to see what loverly cape come about as a result here. heya, i have two pairs of shoes, which might fit you gurlz. will bring them with when i see you. i don’t want to put you in a box saying they could be ‘so you’, but they don’t fit me and i’ve missed the small window of returnability. they be flats and a size 10(but i think that’s a lie, they seem more like a size 9). if you would like pics, i’ll be glad to send some over. *big hugs*

    • i hope that didn’t come across the wrong way. i’m not lookin to go through the hassle of reselling these. just want to give em a good home. :o)

      • Oh no, it was totally fine!
        I feel the same way about some of my clothes too- I’d rather trade it with another blogger because then I know they’re going to give it a good home! 🙂

  5. LOL! As a kid, I used to love eating at Ikea and meatballs are really good!

    I would love to see how the cape comes out!

  6. lol I love the dress, but I want to see the Star Wars shirt! I am a Star Wars fan. I usually wear my Burger King Star wars watch on a daily basis 😛

    • LOL- I am working on getting the Star Wars tee in an outfit post- I have most of an outfit picked out, but I have to find the pants!

  7. I can relate with the spilling food thingy. I dunno but I eat like a kid. And the best part is when I’m wearing white, there’s a bigger chance of getting a stain courtesy of whatever food I am eating. T.T

    The dress is so pretty, very vintage. 🙂 I think I’ve seen a similar dress on my mum years back… when I was a little kid, I used to ransack her closet and try on her clothes, makeup, shoes then I’d pose in front of the mirror. XD

    I love the jacket. 🙂 I hope you can find one that fits you perfectly. ^^

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