Halloween costume ideas!

Around this time of the year (you know, my birthday!) I begin to think about Halloween. I LOVE Halloween.

I love dressing up, I love the parties. But I do not like paying for a new costume every year. So, beginning September 24, I’ll be posting free, shop-in-your-closet Halloween costume ideas (with my interpretation!) every Friday, plus a few extra days leading up to Halloween.

I’ve decided on most of the costumes I want to recreate, but I also want to give you all a chance to request one from me. This way, we can see how truly creative I can be!

So, bring it on. What would you like to see me (attempt) to recreate for free for Halloween?


PS- yes, those are my pumpkins for a year or so ago. I always make them puke. I don’t know why…


10 thoughts on “Halloween costume ideas!

  1. I LOVE Halloween! It’s my fav holiday (though it’s tied with Christmas – can’t really pick one over the other) and I usually try and make costumes with clothes I already have, or a few cheap things from thrift stores or whatever. I was thinking this year of going as Pebbles from the Flinstones and you TOTALLY have her haircolour and could therefore pull it off so I think you should give that a try 😉

  2. Hmm I have an idea….how about pulling off Lucille Ball? You already have the red hair and the bangs! You can get a cute vintage polka dot dress, really great makeup and you’ll be set! 🙂

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  4. It depends on what you want… do you want to look scary or you want to look pretty (fairy or goddess). During halloween years back, I just wore the easiest look I can get. I wore a white dress at home (which my mum owned), hid my face with my hair, tilt my head on one side, then that’s it. XD I was Sadako/Samara already from the movie The Ring. XD

    http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/S/SadakosRing/1073665186_uresringu5.jpg -this is not me… XD

    But I don’t dress-up on halloween anymore even though I wanted too. I wanted to go trick or treat too but I guess they won’t give me candy anymore. XD

    Btw, the pumpkins look funny. ^^ I haven’t tried creating one… I think it would be fun! ^^

    • I’m trying to pick costumes that would be easy for anyone to replicate. I have quite a few picked so far, but I figure some people might have requests too 🙂

  5. I usually dress as something pop culture – last year was MIA the rapper, the year before Pam from the Office (hubby dressed up as Jim) so I tend to think of those kinds of people. With your red hair you could easily do Joan from MadMen, Arlene from True Blood… okay I’m out after that but I’ll brainstorm some more! 🙂

  6. i heart you for your creativity chica! not that you couldn’t, but the popular sexy witch outfit, sexy nurse, sexy barmaid costumes are so old and predictable. you could go as a nurse who can cant out a witch’s magical healing spells and can mix up a martini at the same time; heck, a nurse who can whip up a cure all martini using a witch’s spell!

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