Channeling Jenni…

Dress: Thrift
Top: Gift
Belt, necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Urban OG

This outfit is a ripoff of something Jenni wore, which was inspired by The Notebook, which I’ve never seen. So, I’m channeling Jenni in this post.

I loved the idea of wearing a strap-less dress over a collared shirt, or another, random shirt. But, I don’t think it worked really well for me. When I went to fill up my car, I shifted in my seat and the top fell down. Sucky for me, but exciting for the man watching me from his beat up ol’ jalopy.

This dress may be showing up in my “shop my closet” section. I definitely went through my skirts last night and found quite a few that I don’t wear anymore that could use a new home.

♥ Suze


17 thoughts on “Channeling Jenni…

  1. Love the dress girl! I would never have thought to put a shirt under a strapless! I definitely have to try that out because a lot of strapless dresses I like don’t fit too well with “the girls”! LOL

    • Strangely, it didn’t occur to me until I saw Jenni do it. Then I thought “Hey, I could do this and wear some of my strapless dresses!”

  2. I love the dress. 🙂 You look super pretty for work. I love the dress and the shoes you matched for it! ^^

    Btw, I always notice that green ball-like thingy on the floor every time you take a picture over there… is that Loafy and Ruckus’ toy? ^^

  3. I have a very similar plaid strapless dress and a very similar issue. I see others layering tops underneath them and looking adorable, but I can’t get it right.

    (at least your outfit made someones day)

    • I think this outfit worked because the shirt I chose to wear under the dress was pretty thin, so there wasn’t really any bulk. I would think a collared shirt would add too much bulk!

  4. I love this as a way to get more wear out of strapless dresses…especially during the day, this would be really cute for an afternoon out. That plaid dress does wonders for your shape, too!

    Gotta say, I am a huge fan of those shoes, too. 😀

    • Thanks! I’m a little…uh… curvy… so sometimes I don’t like such body-hugging shapes.

      The shoes are super cute, but I need inserts- they’re not very cushy!

  5. yay channeling me! haha.

    I love this dress with a shirt under it! That sucks that top fell down! My dress was doing that a bit too cause its slightly too big and my shirt shifted under my strapless dress and I had to adjust it a lot. But I loved the look so much that I will definitely be trying it more often when the weather cools down. It didn’t occur to me to put a shirt under a strapless dress either until I got excited about recreating the romper in the Notebook that I loved so much and then suddenly a light went off! haha.

    • LOL- I thought you’d laugh!
      I never thought about layering a strapless dress over a collared shirt and ever since you did it, I knew I had to do it too!! 🙂

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  7. Shut up! I had a similar outfit like that on this morning and I changed at the last minute. It was getting too warm outside for a layer. We could have been wondertwins. Next time…

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