I’m seeing red in the month of February

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Go Jane

There was an awesome blush color shirt at H&M that tied in a bow at the neck I was very tempted to purchase. Then I realized it would make me look naked. So I opted not to buy it, and instead found this one at Forever 21. It has the same feeling as the other one, without the added bonus of making me look naked.

And, maybe I’m a little cynical, but I am getting really sick of seeing posts all over bloggerville filled with such saccharine thoughts about the same fall collections. Yes, I understand, everyone LOVES it, but c’mon. I have read about a dozen posts in the past WEEK about the 2010 Dear Creatures collection.

It makes me just skip reading that post, which is sad, because I know people put a lot of thought into their posts. But I would rather fall off my Barbie heels and skin my knees then read yet other sickeningly sweet, gushing post about this collection. (Although, if they have so many people talking about it, they must be doing something right).

Yes, today is my day to be annoyed with the world. I have a few other things I could talk about, like brand zombies and blatant designer ripoffs, but I’ll leave those opinions for another time. Instead, I’m going to mention an awesome band I saw this weekend – Spontaneo. The title of this post comes from their song “My Valentine.” They’re a cross between all the things I love about Something Corporate, Punchline and Motion City Soundtrack. Listen to them!

♥ Suze

Title song: Spontaneo: My Valentine

PS- I did two DIYs last night, so be on the lookout for those!


17 thoughts on “I’m seeing red in the month of February

  1. I agree, Suze. I am not a big fan of those kinds of posts either to be honest – I prefer street style , personal style or DIY posts. Anyway, you look fab. And your hair is looking extra fiery today – love!

    • I don’t mind inspiration posts at all, but when so many bloggers are talking about it, it can get really annoying. Ugh. new topics people! New topics.

      Thanks! I’m hoping it’ll still be fiery for our meetup!

  2. i agree! i’ve skipped over so many freakin’ posts recently for the same reason! in fact, i’ve unfollowed a few folks on bloglovin’ for it! just kinda over it. :/

  3. I loove this look! The top is so pretty and seriously your hair is just ridiculously hot.

    So this new challenge, does it mean no shopping for 30 days?

    And I can’t wait to see your DIYs! I saw another rope necklace at World Market like the one you re-created from Anthro. And yep yours looking just as awesome 🙂


    • LOL thanks!

      Yes, I started another new challenge (I prob need to describe it a little better/again!). I’m not shopping for 30 days, unless my mom/sister take me out for my bday, then it’s ok! 🙂

      It’s earrings and a necklace! The necklace is almost done, and the earrings are finished! 🙂

  4. I love-love-love this outfit! It looks fresh. I think it’s because of the cute top. It looks refreshing in the eyes! I’m torn too if you look better with your hair down or when you swept it up… they both look good with the outfit so I can’t pick. XD

    I can’t relate with the fall collections because we don’t adapt to those seasons since we don’t have it here. 😦 Sometimes some designers and clothing shops follow trends from the US even the ones that we don’t have here like spring. 🙂 I think most people just like the colors of spring. ^^

  5. Love the top and the shoes, and I really love how the top balances out the proportions on the pants (speaking of which now I want some slim cut black pants like those). I agree on bloggers posting about a lot of the same things, but I don’t follow a lot of blogs that cover fashion shows/seasons, so it’s not too bad in my reader. 🙂

    • They’re “the flirt” cut from Old Navy. They’re awesome- you can’t even tell they’re jeans! 🙂
      If you wait till Old Navy has one of their awesome sales, you can get a pair for something like $15!

      I try to balance proportions as much as possible. I have a larger chest, smaller waist, but pretty wide hips, so I try to minimize as much as I can!

  6. not to worry, you will never hear me gushing about fall. As far as i’m concerned, Fall = cold, which means I will not be able to keep my bare toes in my sandals and my shoulders uncovered. It also means that every retailer under the sun will start shoving Christmas down my throat until I choke.

    That was harsh.
    I’m just really more of a spring/summer person.

    I must say I love this look with your hair pulled back — it really changes the silhouette and makes it so chic!

    • LOL! So not harsh! I don’t mind fall, but I don’t like cold weather either.
      And I love the comment about Christmas 🙂 I totally agree. And I’m just sick of seeing all these bloggers post about the same damn collection. I mean, COME ON!

      My hair fell while I was taking photos (I had it pinned up with bobby pins, so it wasn’t staying!)

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