Day one- what I want to buy.

I’m already having a hard time with all the “no shopping” rules I keep giving myself. I really want to buy some new stuff for fall, but I haven’t. This is what I’ve been tempted to buy this weekend:

Crepe earrings

Lace tights

More lace tights
$ 6.80

Tulle woven shirt

Grand total: $64.40

I have one pair of lacy tights, but they’re not really very comfortable to wear. I don’t know if these would be any better, but I doubt it because they’re “one size fits all.” Yeah, right.

I really do like the polka-dotted shirt though. But I have as vintage polka dot shirt that has orange dots, so that’s not needed.

And the earrings are just cute, but again, not needed.

Phew. Saved a little money! 🙂

♥ Suze


16 thoughts on “Day one- what I want to buy.

  1. The earrings are SOOOO cute! and they’re only $4! I totally would have bought those if I saw them at F21 when we were there!!

  2. OMG! Those earrings are sooo cute! I’m sure they doesn’t weigh to heavy for my ears so I guess I would probably buy those. ^^ The lace tights I think wouldn’t be that comfy.

  3. All that stuff is so great, but I am proud of you for sticking to your guns and not buying anything. I always like to tell myself that there will always be things out there that I want, and once I buy something it loses it’s appeal, so I’m just as good not to buy it.

    • Exactly! It’s like you want it at the moment you find it, but once you bring it home, it’s not a new and fresh and fun.

  4. My goodness I feel your pain with trying to save money! I’ve put myself on a once-every-payday shopping restriction and that’s hard in itself! LOL

    The polka shirt is super cute and yes, you can make those earrings yourself for sure! (I mean you did make those cute chain shoes! 🙂 )

  5. The stockings shouldn’t count. They are more like underwear. You wouldn’t deny yourself underwear, would you? I know, I know, not helping. Now the blouse, yes, you have one very similar, so that’s a no no.

  6. I love lace tights, and the polka dot top, but I will not encourage you to buy those.
    Instead, DIY the earrings, you could, and they’d be so easy!

    • I love lace tights too! But, it might be more worth it to find a pair that isn’t “one size fits all.” If I’ve learned anything as a 5’8″ amazon woman, it’s that “one size fits all” doesn’t always apply to me.

      I did the earrings last night- they were actually really easy!! 🙂

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