Friday the 13th claims another victim

Joe and I had the great idea to drive out to Pittsburgh yesterday, Friday the thirteenth, to see one of our favorite bands, Punchline, in their homestate, witness their record-release show and be in their music video (they filmed it during the show).

The day started out pretty good! I worked a half day, Joe got out of work early and we packed snacks (like cheese balls!) and got started on the drive.

Surprisingly, we got through the Ohio turnpike fairly quickly and made it to Pennsylvania much quicker than we had initially anticipated.

Then, it all went wrong.

As we were giggling like schoolgirls about Pennsylvania’s “beaver” town names, we soon came to realize that we had no knowledge of how to find the damn club we were supposed to go to.

Two Pepsi’s, asking three people for directions, one curb jump and paying for one parking space later, we found the stupid club. We headed toward the club, eagerly anticipating the face-melting show we were about to witness.

When they scanned our tickets, we were told they were invalid.

I bought them on Thursday, printed them off and shoved them in my purse. My credit card has been charged for them. They’re real, my friends, they’re real. I don’t play that “fake” ticket game, especially when I’ve driven five hours to get to a show. Homey don’t play that.

We had two options, either buy new tickets, or drive home, pissed off.

We decide to buy new tickets. But, oh, wait – they only accept cash. Joe runs across the street to use the ATM. Of course, it’s out of order. The bouncer takes pity on us (because he realized we were from MICHIGAN and had driven FIVE F%$^ING HOURS TO BE THERE) and took Joe inside to use the ATM.

Finally, we get inside. We missed the very first band and only get to see half of Sponteno‘s set (They were awesome, BTW). And, we got to see all of the Space Pimps, which was fabulous.

Then, finally, came Punchline (yay!). Somehow, even after arriving late, I end up being shoved in the front (thank you, moshpit!), right in front of Paul, the guitarist.
That’s Paul on the left. You know, the blurry guy in the black t-shirt. The guy on the right is Diego from Spontenao.

Better photo, minus the mic stand in his face. Sigh.

I snagged this video off someone else’s Youtube account (thanks man!) of Punchline singing “Roller Coaster Smoke.”

The video doesn’t want to work sometimes, so if it doesn’t, go here to see it on youtube.

The awesome thing about the show is that it was in the band’s hometown. How awesome is that? They had their families there, cheering them on!

And, they also shot the music video for their first single off the album, “21 Forever.” I’ll have to post it when it’s released, because it was really fun to be there for it! I’ve never witnessed that before, and it was totally awesome.
All in all, the show was worth (most of) it. I’ll be arguing to get refunded for the set of unusable tickets. And I’m anxiously awaiting photos/video from the show. I wonder is the crazy redhead made it into the video? 🙂

Punchline rocked so hard, they melted the robot behind them! 🙂

You know what? Lesson learned. I am never travelling to Pennsylvania on Friday the thirteenth to see Punchline again. Friday the twelfth or fourteenth, yes. But not the thirteenth again. No way.

♥ Suze


8 thoughts on “Friday the 13th claims another victim

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  2. sounds like QUITE the adventure, honey. well worth it too by the sounds of it. when you twitted about it yesterday, the first thing i thought of was i hope it’s not a sold out show. your entire evening woulda been for naught. glad to hear it all worked out and thank you for sharing. can’t wait to see the music vid!

    • that was something we were worried about. We figured we’d get the money and they’d say “oh, too late!” But it worked out!! 🙂

  3. Man that is a lot of cheeseballs!!

    Definitely an adventure and you left with an awesome story to tell that worked out in the end!

  4. Since the day I saw that picture of cheeseballs, I’ve been craving for it. LoL

    It’s good that even though you didn’t have an easy start, you still enjoyed the concert. You should post their music video once it’s out! ^^ I hope you’re able to get a refund for the fake tickets.

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