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So my usual outfit post of the day is late. I blame it on volleyball, hot weather and all around laziness. Yeah. That’s right.
Yesterday, Cher asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My response? “James Dean.”

(I don’t remember where I found this photo – I’ve had it for a while!)

Yeah, I’m a hard one to shop for, considering he’s been dead much longer than I’ve been alive.

Cher decides instead of digging up a corpse for me, we’re going to do a challenge instead. She’s going to come visit me in Michigan and we’re going to buy me one outfit in a certain theme Cher will choose that day.

I’m kind of excited. I don’t get to pick anything out a head of time, I have to pick everything out that day. So fun.

And, the lovely Fashion Butter tagged me in a post, so I get to answer eight questions about myself.

1. Do you wear a watch?
Sadly, no. I used to wear one that a friend gave me back in college. It’s awesome! Red faux crocodile, rectangular face, surrounded with crystals. The battery died and I’ve been too lazy to get it replaced. I need to do that soon.

2. What types of things do you refuse to spend money on? Splurge on?
I don’t spend a ton of money on shoes, LOL. I also tend to spend little money on accessories. I will splurge on something really needed, like a coat or a nice jacket for work.

3. Favorite animal?
I love cats. Cats and octopuses. Totally different, but both awesome creatures!

4. The best concert you have ever attended?
The pest concert I’ve ever attended is going to be hard to choose. The first year Joe and I were together we went to about 20 shows. Yeah. We’re insane. I have two(ish)
The most favorite one was when I cracked a rib, mostly because it’s just an awesome story. We were at a Less Than Jake show, in the very front of the moshpit. Some guy was crowd surfing and got dropped on me. I was bent over the bar and fell to the ground. The bouncers had to pull me out of the pit and carry me outside. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t breathe. Joe’s trying to run behind me screaming “that’s my wife! that’s my wife!” but they were hesitating to let him through, but finally did.
They took me outside to have me catch my breath and the EMTs checked me over. My side was all scrapped up and bruised, but I refused to go to the hospital. Instead, I went home, slept it off and went to the doctor the next day. The xrays showed I had a cracked rib.
Awesome story, right?

The other concert was the Punchline show Joe and I traveled to Chicago to take Cher to. She’d never been to a punk show, or anything in that type of venue (we were at Reggie’s in Chicago). We had been sending Twitter messages to the band all day, inviting them to come eat dinner with us, and basically just harassing them. So when we get to the venue, I introduce Cher to Steve (the guitar player) and Chris (the bass player). At one point, Steve comes over to talk to me, and Cher thinks I’m crazy (and that Steve and I are BFFs). The opening bands are on, and I’m chatting with the guitarist. (He was eating when we first said hi, so he came over to chat after he was done. They’re awesome like that.) So, that concert was awesome because Cher got to see her first punk show and got to meet the guys.

5. What’s the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?
I still own a pair of jeans my mom bought me when I was 15/16. They’re more worn out now, but still fit. (I’ve been the same size for ten years.)

6. How do you *really* feel about cat print rompers?
I’m not a fan of rompers on me. I don’t have the proper proportions  for them to look right. But, I love fun prints. A cat print top would be awesome. But rompers aren’t my thing. I do think that they can look nice, if made the correct way. Otherwise they just look like we’re trying to be children again.

7. What towns/cities have you lived in over the years?
Well, all in Michigan. Dexter, Canton, Livonia, Whitmore Lake and Ypsilanti. Joe and I are considering moving closer to Detroit/to Detroit 🙂

8. Hot sauce … evil or yummy?
Too much= evil. Just enough= yummy.

Regular outfit posting to commence soon!
♥ Suze


7 thoughts on “Questions and some other random things

  1. Yay! Your birthday’s coming soon. 🙂 I wonder what theme would Cher pick…

    I can relate with your answers especially on the second one. I don’t splurge on shoes too that’s why when they told us at work that we shouldn’t wear slippers flip-flops which I use almost everyday cause they’re very comfy, I had a problem. T.T I have shoes at home but they’re a lot dressy. T.T I have a couple of black shoes that look too formal with my typical work clothes. That’s why I suddenly realized that I should invest on more shoes instead. I love jackets and coats as well. I prefer spending on jackets too than on shoes.

    The broken rib sounds really painful. 😦 I hope you wouldn’t go through that again. I too have some clothes that I still keep that I bought on my teen years although I don’t really use them that much anymore.

  2. Great answers. I LOVE Reggie’s – I used to live two blocks away from there!

    You beat me with the jeans, I have a pair from 18/19 years old that I still wear despite the huge hole on the backside.

  3. Less Than Jake = LOVE. That story might be incredibly badass! haha. I love that Joe was running behind you yelling “that’s my wife!”

    I got knocked down in a circle pit at a less than jake show, lost one of my converses, managed to get up go back around, grab my shoe and then come out the circle in just the right place to land me one row from the stage for the rest of the show… wearing only one shoe, of course. Man do i miss Less than Jake shows!

    • LOL- we’re taking a road trip to the Punchline record release show in Pittsburg tomorrow! 🙂 We’re both geeked about it. You should take a road trip and meet us there! haha!

      I may be nearly 25, but I still go to the shows even if I am the oldest person there. I don’t care!
      I was at a Streetlight Manifesto show a month ago, and I swear there were only three other people legal to drink there. It was insane!

  4. I can’t wait to see the results of the theme b-day challenge, and I like Fashion Butter’s questions, very fun, and you had some great answers!
    (also props for answering them on the same day you were tagged!)

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