These are just variations (27 & 28 of 30)

Top: F21
Skirt: Thrift
Shoes: Alice + Olivia for Payless
Necklaces: F21

Judgmental kitty and I took photos inside, because it’s about 95 degrees outside, and I was sweating in my car while driving home from work. Ugh.

Since today was an odd day for me, I went home, hid inside for a little while, then changed and went to the store. So, technically this is outfit 28, even though it’s just a variation on 27.

Shorts/necklace: F21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

She’s judging me.

I must be too pale for her delicate eyes. Ha.

I am actually really excited for the rest of August and September. My birthday is at the end of August (the 26th) and even though I don’t think we have any family plans (it depends on dad and his chemo), I am looking forward to celebrating with Joe.

I share my birthday with Joe’s youngest sister. She’s exactly nine years younger than me! So we will be taking her out that week to celebrate. We’ve been doing something special like that since Joe and I first started dating, just because.

Another thing kinda odd is Joe’s birthday is four days before my brother’s, and they are both the oldest in each family…  Weird, huh?

Well, we think it’s weird… 🙂

♥ Suze


14 thoughts on “These are just variations (27 & 28 of 30)

  1. I haven’t visited for a while… I was just lost somewhere this past few days and is on auto-pilot that’s why I missed reading blogs.

    The judgmental Ruckus is at it again. 🙂 I guess she doesn’t like shorts that much that’s why she’s staring at you on the second pic? Maybe she’s a conservative kitty. XD

    I like the shorts version better. It looks cute and comfy and casual. As usual, I’ll go with the casual looking. Although I guess Ruckus wouldn’t approve my choice, eh?

    Advance happy-happy birthday to you and your sister-in-law. 🙂

  2. The shirt with the skirt is too cute! And I’m totally digging the shoes!

    Girl you’re almost there!! Homestretch!! 🙂

  3. I love both versions! omg I have two black kitties too, they are adorable but they would never sit still like that for a pic 😛

    • Oddly enough, our kitties sit still for these photos. I had an outfit post a few weeks back where she STARED into the camera. It was kinda creepy!!

  4. Haha, I’m always analyzing birthday dates, I think it’s interesting how you always seem to meet people with birthday connections.

    I like your shorts version and the ‘stormy sea’

  5. I know you’re at the end of your 30 but I must say your lace + skirt combo is adorable! A great little switch up there 🙂 Totally love that green necklace on you, too.

    Thinking positive thoughts for you and your family. This is your 25th bday right? You can finally rent a car without those pesky fees, WOO!!!

    xo Rach

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